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Adrenal and thyroid meds

I'm wondering if one has Adrenal fatigue if that could produce a poor reaction to T4 or T3? I have Hashi by the way. GP or Endo won't treat me though have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism.

A few months ago I tried a small dose of T4, 25 and 50 on alternate days, I felt absolutely dreadful on it. About a month later I tried 6.25 of T 3 and felt even worse on it. I now think that I may have adrenal fatigue and wonder if that would have impacted on thyroid meds?

Thanks for any help. Anna

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If you have hashimotos and been diagnosed you should be treated. Why are doctors so ignorant?

Email and ask for a copy of the Pulse Article by Dr Toft who is an ex-President of the British Thyroid Association. Within, it states that if we have antibodies, we should be given a dose which brings TSH down (it gives the dose too).

We have to educate doctors!! by learning ourselves what will make us better with normal health.



If you do have adrenal issues they should be addressed before taking thyroid replacement.


Hi Anna, yes, in earlier times the intelligent doctors would not begin treatment for thyroid until the adrenal glands were optimized because they have more control. You have to learn how this works. The thyroid listens and tries to obey but the adrenal shouts orders as does the pituitary. If you have time I post a video by Dr. Bergman who is very fluent and gives a holistic view regarding the endocrine system.


Thanks all for all the info you sent. Will present info from Dr Toft at next Endo app in a few months time.

Heloise, I will look at video when I get home from work this evening. Thanks . Anna

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