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Okay. So my leavers were optimal on tsh, freeT3 and freeT4. I then was put on 50,000 of vitamin d twice a week for the last few months and vitamin B. Don't know if this was the reason why but my last labs my tsh was .2 and my free T4 was right at the top number of the range and my free T3 was tiny bit over range. The doctor took me off the T3 for the last 3 weeks and I feel ok but have had to take more than typical of my ADHD meds. I emailed her office and suggested I lower from 88 to 75 of synthroid and add my 5 mcg of cytomel back in. I just want suggestions since it seems I'm the one suggesting things and she always say ok. This can be good and bad. Should I keep just taking T4 only or try lower t4 and add back in cytomel

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I think lowering the T4 meds and adding T3 back in sounds like a good shout especially if you are needing to take more ADHD meds!

T3 is the active hormone five times more active than T4 so if you don't convert T4 well you will only get worse off T3.

Have you had B12 tested? Quite a link with low levels and ADHD.

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Yes ditto all the above. I don't know how much t3 you were on- but the Dr'S hate a tsh out of range.

Personally if you felt really well I'd either leave the meds as they were - test your whole Vitamins to ensure the vit d is not too high before reducing the t3 slightly- but to be fair that's only to please him not you. Taking other meds to help is unfair to help you through.

B12 is vital for you as is no sugar.

Have a look at blue horizon plus 10 finger prick test.

Good luck


The important question is, did you feel unwell when your freeT3 went over range? Symptoms are more important than numbers, and its easy to reduce doses in a knee jerk way and end up taking months to recover.

Otherwise, one of the effects of raising vitamins should be to utilise your hormone replacement better. So possibly needing a decrease is goods news.


I am not an expert, but although an advocate of high dose vitamin orthomolecular medicine, I have heard from a lecture given by a professor specialising in thyroid, that although most need to raise their vitD, it may not be a good idea to take really huge doses in one go. I heard 30,000 plus in one go may not be beneficial and may disrupt thyroid activity. I heard that taking 10,000 iu each day for a month, or until the levels were optimum, then taking 5,000 iu a day from then on would be best and safe. It is also something to do with the complementary vitamins and minerals that are needed to cope.

I have just come across this article too, from a contributor to this site, about taking D, which I found very interesting.


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