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Raised thyroid antibodies

Hi, i have been suffering with extreme fatigue for years and more recently, mood swings, slight weight gain, headaches, dizziness and bad memory. Been seeing an endo who ran all tests which came back 'normal'. I did a private thyroid antibody test which came back positive. I have spoken to a different endo whom I work with who said it's normal to have deranged thyroid antibodies after pregnancy (my baby is 7 months old today). I feel like screaming! Surely I'm not just lazy! Someone please tell me I'm not plain lazy!

Endo also did synacthen test, ACTH test too. I had a private saliva cortisol test which showed low levels of cortisol throughout the day which the dr said suggested stage 3 adrenal insufficiency- obviously the NHS endo has scrapped that theory! My B12, Hb, folate and ferritin are all on the higher side of normal.

What is happening to me?

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Griscti08 If you post all your results, with their reference ranges, members will comment. Normal doesn't mean anything other than the result lies somewhere within the range. It's where in the range that matters.

As you have positive antibodies, presumably you are talking about TPO and/or TG antibodies, then this means you are positive for autoimmune thyroid disease aka Hashimoto's where antibodies attack the thyroid and gradually destroy it. Adopting a strict gluten free diet helps reduce antibodies, but let's see all your results first.

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sounds like adrenal gland fatigue .. especially as it happened after pregnancy.. the hormones in the adrenals affect the menstrual cycles/ pregnancy/PMT/PND etc.. the NHS refuse to accept adrenal gland fatigue as a condition ( chronic fatigue syndrome/ME linked to adrenals)

I decided to ignore GPs at the beginning of the year.. and self treat.. am now on the road to full recovery after 20 years.. it's your body you are entitled to make your own decisions about your health..


Thank you! Would you mind telling me how to self treat? X


I'll PM you

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