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Medical exemption

Hi just wondering when everyone got their exemptions? Was it as soon as you started levo?

I started beginning of March which she said was a trial so gave me 2 months on one prescription so i wouldn't have to pay twice.

Tried to get a gp appointment today, started ringing at 07:58, they open at 8, finally got through at 8:03 and all had gone. They don't do telephone consultations so I left a message for the dr to review my results. Got a phone call from the receptionist at 12:30 to say a prescription for 50mcg has been left for me.

When I went to pick it up I asked if that meant I was no longer on trial and have a diagnosis. She checked my notes but said it didn't say anything other than had increased dose and recheck levels in 8 weeks.

I went to the chemist and the pharmacist said "I assume you're medical exemption" and considering there was also b12 injection and folio acid on it as repeat I didn't correct him...

I now feel guilty but don't know why I should? I pay for my own blood tests so I don't think it's alot to ask for what everyone else on levo gets?

Am I being silly or have I done the wrong thing? I have been paying for folio acid and b12 since Jan then levo since March. This is the first time I haven't paid :-/

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Hi, it was the pharmacist who advised me to apply for exemption when she gave me my meds. If you have been on treatment since the beginning of March I think you should apply. I think I was still on my trial when I applied. It has helped a lot especially as I am unable to work.


Thanks, the pharmacist gave me the form last time but said the doctor needs to sign it. Then the receptionist today said they'd do it at the Dr's once I had a diagnosis but they didn't know if I did. My dads was done in the Dr's room when he was first prescribed x


Here's the link for you to have a look at exemptions


The officially correct procedure would have been for you to request a special FP57 refund receipt. You would then have some time to get an exemption certificate and apply for a refund.

Or move from England! Or suddenly find yourself old enough to be exempt on age grounds.

Ask your surgery as soon as you can.


I was advised to apply for exemption when first diagnosed and given Levo - 1992ish. Think you can get an exemption form from Post office, fill it in and take to GP for signature, then send it off.

Just a note re paying. If you have let the chemist assume you are already on exemption, I believe that the onus is on you, if you didn't pay for your medication and you don't have a n exemption, you could be leaving yourself open to a fine or something...might want to go back to chemist and check it out.

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The lady's in Tesco advice me on the pharmacy. She told me why wasn't getting them free. And told me to asked at the doctors. I got the form from the pharmacy at the doctors and hand it in. The doctor signed it for me. And sent it away for me. I received my card in the post. And got a refund on my medication as well. The Tesco lady's was so help fully when I switched onto levothroyxine (t4). But I didn't get any help with t3.


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