BMA little book on thyroid problems

I bought this Saturday from Smiths. Only £4.95. I bought it for a giggle to be honest but I was rather surprised!!

Written by a professor of endocrinology who specialises in thyroid disorders.

Every issued I have raised with my endo and was told was irrelevant or caused by something else, is according to this professor attributable to Graves' disease !

I have a gp appointment Tuesday. I'm going armed with this little book and the great advice from the wonderful people on this forum

So I'm advance I would like to say thank you and I will keep the forum posted No longer will I be fobbed off. 4 years of being lied to is quite enough!!!!!

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Good for you. Good luck.

What's the name of the book and who is the author?

It's done by The British Medical Association called Understanding Thyroid Disorders by Dr Anthony Toft It's on Amazon at £4.95 as well as WHSmiths.

He was President of the British Thyroid Association.

What I disagree with is his agreement that the TSH has to reach 10 before being diagnosed. Some can be quite ill even before TSH reaches 10 and for some people it never does but they have disabling clinical symptoms.

Mine is 1.7 therefore deemed OK. My list of horrible symptoms don't count.

Did your doctor do FT4 and FT3 - they don't usually as they're told TSH and F4 are fine. They don't bother checking if we have sufficient Active hormones circulating.

Not according to this list:-

Four years out of your life is a long time you cannot get back.

That is very true The years I have left I'm going to make sure I'm getting the truth about the condition and push for the correct treatment and tests.

It's just so so wrong that all the people suffering with all thyroid issues are fobbed off and left to work it out for themselves

Hi snoddyoddbod, it was showing the gp dr Toft's pulse article that got me my increase in levo, good luck for Tuesday,xx

I hope taking the book and all my endo letters will get me somewhere

All the letters from my endo total contradict the book !!! No wonder I don't me tear from my elbow!!

Dr Toft was interviewed on the recent Dr Michael Moseley TV programme - perhaps you missed it ! Maybe still on i-Player ...

Thank you. I shall go and have a look. Was it on bbc2 ?

Oh dear sorry cannot remember. 1 or 2 !

I shall have a late night raid or iplayer tonight and see what I can find. Thank you tho

Trust Me I'm a Doctor - is the series. Do not think it is still available - just had a quick look !

I think I caught that episode. They spoke to a lady with short dark hair and headaches. I will still see if I can track it down somewhere tho

Yes I saw it and Dr Toft did say some patients do well on T 3.

I am currently seeing Dr Toft privately every two months but he is still resistant to me having NDT. I emailed him last month to say I had started T3 myself . I will see him again on the 3rd of May and have new blood results ready for him..

I hope he will support me on my desision on taking T3 because I have never felt this well in 30 years.

Am hoping he will be thrilled with your improvement. You are living proof that his public statement on TV is spot on ☺

Can you ask him about the possible withdrawal of T3 and its cost to the NHS currently ?

Yes I will ask him.

The whole situation regarding treatment of thyroid disorders is to put it mildly rather barbaric!! You have 54,000 odd people on this forum all saying the same thing and apparently 54,000 of us have no idea what we are going on about!!!

I feel I'm brewing to write a letter to an MP !!!! Shock horror !!!!

You have no idea the dramatic improvement to my life , it's beyond belief.

I am a mental health professional so very cynical about dramatic or exaggerated claims.

I would shout from the rooftops about my life now compared to how it was. Friends and family can't believe the difference in me and I haven't even told them about my treatment.

I feel frustrated that I had to self medicate myself even though I have been asking Dr Toft for several months for either NDT or T3. I shall post his response and my blood results after the 3rd may.

He may not know you can buy T3 OTC without prescription for just over a euro in Greece - would love to know his thoughts .....

Perhaps that's part of the reason Greece went bankrupt!!!!

But seriously you can buy it over the counter in Greece but it's not available here.

It's like WWII black market distribution

I think you can buy it in France. I am going in June so will let you know.

We have seen varied reports.

I strongly advise anyone to assume you cannot buy liothyronine/T3 over the counter in France. If you happen to be lucky, then so be it.

My husband is French so he will ask when we visit in June.

I shall let you know.

He does know because when I told him via email I also asked him could my GP prescribe it for me.

He told me just to carry on getting it from Greece as it was a reliable source. He also said he would discuss it with me at my next appointment which is next week.

Will let you all know what he says.

Will be great to see the results

I am pleased you are feeling well It's just a great shame that you have had to go private and pay for your own medication. It's truly bonkers

You can also get the BMA booklet from Amazon as a download and I have mine on my tablet.

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