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Seeking recipe book thyroid and endocrine

I'm hoping this isn't too off topic to post here but I've just bought a Nutribullet for the first time and am looking for a good recipe book with English weights and measures, good background info and illustrations aimed at sorting out Thyroid/Endocrine issues as opposed to weight loss and detox. I've read lots of reviews on line but they all seem to be slightly not what I'm after.

Anyone got any good recommendations? 

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Houndy... I fear I can't help you with a recipe book and most fruits/veggies should be alright but do avoid raw cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower etc.  Cooking these veggies nullifies to a great extent  the negative effect these foods have on our thyroid gland.  Also avoid soy.  You should be able to google/search the web for foods to avoid when you have a thyroid condition. 

I just searched 'juicing recipes for thyroid patients' and this link as well as many others popped up.


Many thanks Phoenix, I'm not sure I have a thyroid issue at the moment- I am leaning towards adrenals but will do some further blood tests this week. I thought all those green things were one of the super foods and one of the things I was probably not getting enough of or over cooking. 

Thanks for the link 


They are, and it's rubbish to say that we shouldn't eat them at all. Just in moderation. Don't drink cabbage juice every day, things like that. Besides, there is no proof that cooking destroys the goitrogenic element. Just go by your gut instinct - if it feels right, do it, if it upsets you, Don't.

However, that does not apply to soy. Soy should be avoided at all costs.  


For the endocrine system you are looking at getting lots of fresh vegetable, particularly leafy greens, fresh fruits & berries, nuts and beans. Phoenix23002's comment relates to cruciferous vegetable being know to aggravate thyroid issues.  I would check out how others put juicing combinations together and then make up your own recipes to suit your particular tastes and the produce you are using. this site is a one stop shop for checking out nutrients in a wide range of fruits & veg, though you do have to select another to compare it with first.


No, they Don't exactly aggravate thyroid issues. They can cause thyroid issues if you over-dose on them. What they do is impede the uptake of iodine by the thyroid gland, so that the gland is unable to make as much hormone. They Don't damage the gland in any way. And, if you're on a full replacement dose of Levo or something, or if you have no gland, they won't affect you at all.

All things in moderation, that's the rule.

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Houndy, for adrenals you need salt and a ton of vit C. :)


Many thanks linlow and greygoose. My first step is to take the magic machine out of the box- I am building up to it LOL.  I think I will go out to a real shop tomorrow instead of looking on line and I can get a feel for the books available- just a general healthy and doable one in English and not American for starters and I can see where I go after that. 

Needing salt surprises me-I am always eating crisps and thought I should be cutting down on crisps and salt in general. 



Sorry, can't recommend an actual cook book but look up Dr Mark Hyman (institute of functional medicine & gp based in USA.

I have Hashi's and a nutribullet!! I think the nutribullet is wonderful!  Just watch the amount Fresh fruit you put in.  Too much sugar isn't good for thyroid, even from fresh fruits.

I add Maca Powder and Ashwagandha powder to mine.  Both are avail through Amazon. I get organic.  My thyroid / Hashis symptoms have improved so much since taking and energy levels have skyrocketed!!

Also look at the fruit/veg powder supplements in Holland & Barrett...brand Bioglan.  These are good.  We use the Supergreens one.  Also get spirilina it's very good for you but turns all smoothies a boggy dark green!!  😀Also add fresh ginger.

Research leaky gut and gut bacteria, Candida etc.  I read that Many thyroid problems start with leaky gut.  

I have just started taking a Vitabiotics supplement for my brain fog called Brain Function which seems to have cleared my fuzziness.

Hope all this helps...its been a long journey!  Glad I can share.

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Hi Dalmation

Fantastic to hear you so positive about how the changes have improved things for you. I'm just off to the shops so will see what I can find on your list. 

Thanks very much 


Hi Dalmation- I have everything on my shopping list now or have ordered through Amazon. I will introduce one at a time each week to make sure I don't have any more dodgy tums along the way- I wonder which I should start with? 



Great!  Have fun with it!  I really enjoy knowing that I'm doing the best I can to fix myself with natural ingredients...its a psychological thing for me that's kept me positive.  Give the Ashwagandha a go first.  I noticed a change in my energy levels almost immediately.  Maca is good for hormone balancing and my Endo acknowledges this.

I have been gluten, dairy and sugar free for a few months now.  I found this hard but I just had to bite the bullet!  Eating gluten was making me fall asleep within minutes of eating it!.

Like said before, "leaky gut" is the problem with Hashi's people so that's what I'm trying to fix. 

Good luck with it all, keep positive, drink lots of water! Would love to hear how you progress.


Thanks- I will start with the Ashwagandha then. I'm trying not to use any of my new bits until after I get my blood test done so I have a true base line from which to improve. 


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