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Strange results

Hi i have hyperthyroism for over 2 years8 months after started i became pregnant and results were normal after 13 weeks pregnancy. They were almost there b4 I got pregnant. AnywAy it came back after I had my baby. This was Sept 16 and has bn up and down since but always still hyper. T3 would stay highish even tho t4 was normal and tsh very low. Latest results are t4 6 tsh less than 0.02 and t3 7.8. So I'm underactuvuncreative my consultant says and gp. Go had said they were bit strange and when talked to consultant she kept asking me if I took supplements or anything herbal but I do not. She said going to check if have had antibody test done b4. I've put on half a stone in 2 weeks after being level from a month after I had my baby and tired but I was always tired when hyper and baby hasn't slept well to recently😊 I've read if t4 low and tsh does raise this is sign of a pituitary problem so wondering if anyone has had similar experience. Ps I have been on various levels of carbimazole. 20mg seems to have not bn enough and 40mg seems to b too much😣

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Do you have the lab ref ranges for T4 and T3 (ranges are the figures in brackets after the results)? TSH 0.02 is suppressed and FT3 7.8 is usually over range so even if T4 6 is low it doesn't mean you are under active.

TSH responds to thyroid hormone levels. When T4 or T3 are high TSH will be low and vice versa. If your T4 is low your high FT3 will suppress TSH. It doesn't indicated a pituitary dysfunction.

If 20mg is insufficient and 40mg too much your endo could prescribe 30mg Carbimazole.


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