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Very anxious about test results

Very anxious about test results

I suffer from anxiety since being unwell with my thyroid so please understand why I'm worried.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism a year ago and I'm on Levo. I've had chronic fatigue for 18 months and my go all last year blamed anxiety and mood. He was never concerned that I had major energy crashes after stress from my siblings and mother (I have ptsd after my brother attacked me). Then in January this year my go was suddenly worried why I was stilk so fatigued and crashing every few weeks. I had a full set of bloods twice last year and all ok, on top of my regular thyroid ones. He couldn't find anything but the thyroid but suddenly wanted to do more testing to find out why I'd be so tired.

I had another fbc in March and it showed my lymphocytes were 3.98 so slightly over the range of 3.65. The neutrophils were 1.6 and should be at least 2. He wanted them repeating in 3 weeks, I waited 5 as I've had an awful acne outbreak recently, I suffer adult acne and it makes my glands raise at times.

I've repeated them private as I've a real blood test phobia now so I use Medicheck: I got the results just now and I'm upset. Worried why my lymphocytes have risen to 4.45. My neutrophils have gone up which is good. I can't speak to my gp until late next week. In the meantime my anxiety is freaking me out I have cancer and I'm going to have my gp scaring me next phone call.

I was feeling so well the last few weeks but on Monday I crashed and I've been exhausted all week. I'd spoken to my mum and the stress just crashed me badly. But now of course I'm worried the results here mean I'm very ill.

Last test in march showed my serum iron was slightly raised but gp said as my transferrin was normal he was fine about it: I stopped taking iron 5 weeks ago anyway. I was taking it as my ferritin was 34 but it's now 59. Weirdly the highest IRS ever been but gp said it was ok as transferrin fine and to ignore the raised serum iron. Haemoglobin was also 153 last test so all ok but it's today 155 so 15.5, very top of range. Why if I'm not taking iron?

I'm more worried about the lymphocytes are raised: my lovely therapist said they are raised with cancer as it's how her sister was diagnosed in her thirties with leaukemiA. Not what a therapist should say to an anxious person.

Can anyone reassure me?



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Sounds like a really good therapist then - not!

Maybe hard for you but do please try not to stress over those results it's such a minute raise of lymphocytes it really is far more likely that it's related to a virus many of which we're not even aware we have, our systems take care of it without us being aware very often.also the acne could well contribute to those results. Oral iron takes 3months to peak so stopping 5 weeks ago it's likely would have continued to rise somewhat.your GP will probably just recheck again that wbc is back in range or just slightly above and leave it at that.


Thank you so much.

Before the last test in march I had a sudden redness raised patch under my right armpit that looked like I'd been bitten. Results then showed slight raise in lymphocytes. Then it went away and then my acne on face started and it caused some raised glands. I did the test yesterday after 5 weeks since the last.

I'm worried my gp will worry about this result . He wasn't worried all of last year about my chronic fatigue and energy crashes like you have with cfs but this year he's been testing me all the time for disbates, my sodium was 134 so 0.1 below and he keeps worrying and repeating it. He's turned me into a nervous wreck as has my therapist :(


With that low mnumber then rising slightly with the bite and then dropping again then your body is doing exactly what it should be doing so please try not to worry. For anything nasty to be happening it would be a lot over range and even then it would be redone in case it's a machine problem. I think a really bad throat can take it near the top of the range and so needs treatment but it's good that it keeps changing as it shows it is working properly.


Thank you. My concern is he lymphocytes as they were 3.98 5 weeks ago and now are 4.45. So they've gone up.

The NHS range for lymphocytes is 4.5 at the top end so they'd be in range on the NHS. The range for the lab I used was 3.65. Neutrophils were 1.6 and they've gone up to almost 1.8. So I'm pleased. The NHS range here is 1.7-7 for neutrophils so I'd be in range but private lab they should be at least 2.

My crp was 3 in November, it said that was normal, as range was up to 5. Gp said that was fine. My liver results were also slightly over which has never happened before. The ALT was just a point over and AST 0.5 over so he dismissed them. This was 5 weeks ago.

I had the bite 6 weeks back and arm was swollen and sore but it's gone now. I hoped the lymphocytes would have come down. I've had bad acne recently in the last 3 weeks which always raises my glands and this week I had major fatigue and a energy crash due to speaking to my mum. Maybe a bad week to repeat my bloods.

Thank you.



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