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NDT knowledge

Just wanted to share with you my positive experience.

Monday of last week I ended up in hospital (damaged groin muscle - excruciating pain!). The junior doctor was talking me though the meds I take and medical conditions. I said I had a low thyroid, to which she asked ' do you take Levothyroxine?' I said, No, I take NDT. She looked at me and said 'Is that T3?' I could have hugged her! At last we have a few new docs coming along who have picked up a bit of knowledge about alternatives!

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You should have said "Well actually it's T1, T2, T3, T4 and calcitonin" and educate her a bit more


I think they only recently recognise T3 as an addition as many patients have been requesting or sourcing their own to be added to T4. Also, that all doctors have been forbidden to prescribe T3 now and have been removing it from patients who were doing well. It isn't our fault that the suppliers of UK have exhorbitantly increased their price.

By the way, the British Thyroid Association have made false statements about NDT, in order that will not be prescribed either and many patients recover their health with NDT. That doesn't seem to matter somehow.

I am glad NDT has improved your health and just for information:


Neither the BTA or the RCoP acknowledged the above Rebuttal, despite three yearly reminders!!!


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