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Hi all. I have been taking Thyroid-S for about a month and am feeling so much better - not completely well, but a vast improvement.

I bough my Thyroid-S about two years ago but didn't begin taking it until now as I didn't have a diagnosis. I purchase that from a ubiquitous well known online store beginning with an A, but they no longer sell it.

I wondered if anyone can PM me regarding where they buy Thyroid-S? I have plenty left but not a great expiry date and I'm concerned that the powers that be will somehow stop us purchasing this in the future, so I would like to have another bottle. I've seen websites in Thailand, for example, but i would like to know where others have purchased from to be sure it is safe and genuine, so I would be really grateful for some PMs on reputable sources. Thanks in advance.

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Members who know will send you a private message as no information is posted on the forum, due to the guidelines with regard to prescription medication.

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