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Magnesium and zinc with Vit B12 and B complex

Hi everyone,

I have just been informed by this wonderful sight, after reading a very recent notice that states that both Zinc and Magnesium should be taken with Vit B12 and B complex for the latter to work........

Can anybody tell me the level of zinc and magnesium needed each day? And are there products out there that combine B complex with zinc and magnesium? The reason I am asking this is that, like many of you, take several different suppliments:

Each day I take:

B Complex

Q10 (for energy)

Vit D

NDT (Natural Designated Thyroid)

B12 Injections - 2 per week

And, sadly Anti-depressants (Venlafaxine 267.5 mg per day)......which I am slowly considering 'tapering down' with the support of my GP.

Regards to you all....Booblet xxxxx

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Zinc and magnesium are cofactors of vit D3, not B12.

With B12, you take a B complex, to keep the Bs balanced.

With D3 you should take vit K2-MK7, magnesium and zinc.

About 15 mcg zinc and anything from 200 to 350 mg magnesium. :)

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According to this source..


"In order for your body to convert homocysteine to useable SAMe and glutathione, you must have the proper nutrients available in your system. If you are deficient in folate, vitamin B12, vitamin B2, zinc, TMG (trimethylglycine-from choline) or magnesium, your body will be unable to convert homocysteine to mood-stabilizing SAMe. If you are deficient in vitamin B6, vitamin B2, or zinc, your body will be unable to convert homocysteine to disease-preventing glutathione.

Vitamin deficiencies are a common aftereffect of a poor diet, poor digestion, and low gut bacteria."


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