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Online Payment Option

I have just purchased my first batch of NDT (Thiroyd) from one of the usual online websites that sources from in Thailand. Have been on Levo for a long time (14 years I think now).

I am well used to shopping online, but after placing this order and receiving payment instructions, the options were either Western Union or direct bank transfer to their Bangkok Bank account. They also mentioned that Paypal was now prohibited for "Thyroid pills".

I've heard more than enough negative stories about Western Union to immediately dismiss them as an option (may be shortsighted, I don't know) so I looked at doing the direct transfer.

Eventually I opted for Azimo, mainly because they have a low minimum transfer amount (£1), they are based in the UK and licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Initially my payment was rejected by Halifax fraud, but a quick reply to their text lifted the block, and my resubmitted payment went through ok.

Anyhow, I was just wondering what the experiences of other purchasers of "Thyroid pills" from Thailand was like.

Many thanks in advance, Paul

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MasterCard and Visa have withdrawn merchant facilities from most online pharmacies and PayPal's t&cs have never allowed use of PP to buy and sell prescription meds. WesternUnion is used by many members to buy their NDT and T3. I've not seen complaints from members about the payment process or non-delivery.

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Hi TeaEralGreyHot,

I recently used Western Union to purchases Thyroid pill from Thailand and had no problems sending the payment which was received. Pills were despatched today.


I didn't have any problems with Western Union either. Are you sure it's not the scam emails, purporting they are from WU, when in fact they have nothing to do with them and are phishing scams.

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Thanks for the comments. It may well be the phishing scams and Nigerian prince emails that I think have tarnished my view of Western Union. I was wary of seeing them as a preferred option, however as explained by Clutter if the other majors are withdrawing facilities that reduces the options for the online Pharmacies. At least with some positive feedback from other thyroid med customers, I would see them in a different light.


the company you bought from is excellent my lot have used them for years

interesting to hear about

Azimo for payment ....whats vital whichever company you use is never say its for meds

just say its to a friend


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