T3 Order is short

Hi everyone,

I am having big problems with my online order:

The company contacte me with:

We would like to inform you that your order has been shipped, tracking number of the parcel is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx so you can check its status first on elta.gr/en-us/personal/trac... and later on Royal Mail. Please note that, as you can see from our bank's listing, your payment was 5 Euro short, so we received 35 Euro instead of 40 which was the price of your order and because of that we shipped 120 tablets instead of 150.

My responses:


Please could you check the payment again because on my bank receipt, it shows that I have paid 40 Euros (which came to £36.16 GBP) and the exchange rate of: 1.10626500

I can attach the receipt and send it to you if you need it.

Many Thanks


Thank you for replying. I did select the option to cover banking charges and I have checked with my bank. On my statement it has the 40Euros I paid, and also a seperate transaction for the banking charges which I had paid in addition to the 40Euros. In my case, the banking charges were not taken out of the 40Euros.

I would therefore be grateful if you could send me the rest of my order.

Many Thanks


You will see from the attached excerpt from my bank statement that I have paid the 40Euros (£36.16), and the payment fee seperately which was £4.00 as I had opted to pay for the bank charges, and the exchange rate is GBP1 = EUR1.106265.








The two attached documents will confirm that I paid the full amount of 40Euros and also the payment fee/banking charge which I paid for seperately, and not included in the 40Euros.


I have paid the full cost of 40 Euros for my order! My bank has always charged a £4.00 fee when I have ordered from you previously. That's what my bank charges and you saw from the paperwork that I sent you, that I paid the correct fee and I have not had a prevuous problem with this. If you refuse to send me the full order that I have paid for I will take this case further. I sent you the proof that I had paid for my full order. If you don't send me the rest of the order that I have paid for I will take legal action against you. I know what other international pharmacies charge as I also order from some of them and not had any problems with my orders from others.

Thank you

The company will not budge on this and in the emails from them they are saying that £4.00 is too low for a UK bank to charge. Well, I am with HSBC and that's what my banking charges came to! However, I am not sure where to go from here and will contact Consumer Direct/Trading Standards in the morning.

If anyone has had the same or similar experience, please could you share how you dealt with it? Please PM me any info that cannot be displayed.

Thanks x

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  • P.S excuse my bad spelling, it comes from typing fast

  • That's really weird because that's exactly what happened when I ordered, I paid 40 euro and separate bank charges and I only received 120 they said oh that often happens with TSB and they won't be dealing with that bank again, I took that on the chin to be honest because I've never paid with international transfers before so I thought I'd done something wrong not them, it would be worth knowing if the do that to most people, good luck let us know how you get on 🐶

  • I am contacting trading standards today about this because they have 'ripped me off' and could be doing that to millions of customers worthwhile. 5 Euros is not much but its on principle and I dont like being taken for a ride. It's not a problem with my bank. I have been with HSBC for years, and I know that they are reliable. This company need to be stopped if they are doing this to everyone. People need to be warned about this risk. From, now on I will order elsewhere or book appt with a private doc and get them prescribed. It may mean I end up paying £8 for a prescription but it will be less risky

  • Definitely worth taking a deep breath.

    Charge of £4 by your bank sounds far too cheap, mine charged £32 and have heard of others being charged £15. I now use Western Union, paid in person at a large supermarket chain.

    I would again speak to your bank to obtain the facts concerning charges. Ask if there's been any changes in their charging structure.

    Speaking to Trading Standards would be premature and potentially opening a can of worms.

    Reckon you'll pay more than £8 for a prescription from a private doctor, then where will you obtain the meds from?

  • I agree with cinnamon_girl. My bank, Barclays, were going to charge me £35! I ended up going through MoneyGram, which can now be done at my local Tesco's in Mid-Wales!

  • I have just moved out of Mid-Wales and the small town I lived had a Tesco - it was the only supermarket for miles, literally. £35 is extortionate! I have never used MoneyGram and didnt know it could be done at Tesco. Where I live now I am spoilt for choice, there around 6 Tesco big stores within 10 miles, plus ASDA's, Sainsbury's and loads of others. How much does it cost to send by MoneyGram?

  • My order came to €60 which converted into £55.43 and I paid £5.99 fees. I could pay online after creating an account using my debit card and the service was fantastic. I actually made a spelling mistake with the guy's name first time around and they were very helpful sorting it out, cancelling the first transaction and the second one went through without any problems at all and I had my T3 within the week. The day after I did that, I went to my local Tesco (Welshpool) and they had big signs outside advertising the fact you could now make MoneyGram payments instore, so I shall probably do it that way from now on.

  • £5.99 in fees is very good. Sounds like you had very good service from them. I always paid by bank transfer so only have some experience of using that. I was living in Llandrindod Wells and not sure if the Tesco there did MoneyGram. Have recently moved back to South Wales and there are so many Tesco's and other stores here, I'll make some enquiries at to what they offer

  • Pinkgirl10,

    Mercury Pharma 28 x 20mcg via private prescription will cost upwards of £258.

  • Thanks for mentioning that, ouch! Maybe, its not such a good idea for me to go private then at that cost. It's much less expensive to order online

  • Pinkgirl10,

    As others have said HSBC appears to have deducted their fee as the sending bank but the receiving bank has deducted their fee from the seller's €40 which is why they only received €35. You will probably find it cheaper to pay via Western Union or Moneygram.

  • Just a warning that if you get a private prescription it may cost considerably more than £ 8.

    I got one, £250 for consultation, £12.50 for script £32 for cost of meds.

  • I had an idea that the consultation would cost quite a bit, but had no idea that there would be other costs. I live in Wales where prescriptions are free, and thought that in England they cost around £8. It's highter than I expected and hadn't realised what meds would cost on top - let alone realise that there is an additional charge for them

  • First you should not write names of the suppliers on this forum, it is against the rules. I was ordering on many places, if you send them less of course they will not ship you your whole order. Online pharmacies are not charity. Once I ordered from Mexico and my payment was short and they refused to send me anything until I sent more money. I don't know from which country you are but I never heard that any bank in UK charges only £4 for transfer.

  • It was not my intention to show names, just the excerpt from my bank statement regarding what payment I had made. As far as I am concerned I paid the full amount for the order, and if HSBC have only charged me £4.00 the error is not on my part. I used to order from Mexico regularly and paid by credit card and I always received what I ordered. I haven't been able to order from them for over a year because the site closed down and it changed to something else which did not supply thyroid products. However, when I looked online to order from Mexico after this problem with the other supplier, there is a site on there which can be ordered from, so I will be exploring that one.

  • I am in the UK

  • I'm sure Pink girl 10 didn't realise there was a name it was just a copy of her transaction, we all make mistakes I did once without realising 🐶

  • If you dont mind me asking, how much did your charges come to with HSBC? As from ordering, I remember there being options, and I opted for one to pay the charges. I have just logged on to my online banking to go through the options again to have a look, but because I am not putting in actual beneficiary details it wont even let me look in the drop down box. If MoneyGram is going to be a less expensive option then I will try that instead

  • I am ordering from them for more than a year. It never happened to me since I respect the rules. If you don't want to do or pay as said, buy from someone else, but nobody will tolerate that you send them less money. This is from the email I am getting from them every time I order:

    * PLEASE NOTE THAT CUSTOMER IS PAYING ALL TRANSFER FEES, so make sure that when you fill transfer details, online or at your bank, you always choose the option "I will bear all charges", otherwise part of transfer fees will be later deducted from the price of your order.

    You should read before you pay. I always read everything, on that way it never happened to me with them or with anyone else I was ordering from before.

  • I did read everything. I had the same email and I did opt to pay all charges. If an error has been made its not on my part, but the paperwork I had from the bank displays that my charges were £4.00 and there has not been a problem with this before as I have ordered from them previously when the bank was in Cyprus and not Montenegro. There are other sites I order from so will use them in future as there has been no problem with any others.

  • For your information I work in a bank, not on transfers though, but I can tell you - you didn't cover all fees, you covered just fees of your bank and you are now making a spectacle out of your own mistake.

  • I have made MANY payments internationally. The fees involved depend on whether a bank transfer or credit card payment is used. It sounds like this company has debited ITS OWN bank charges from the money received. They should include any such charges in the price charged. They must also accept that fluctuating exchange rates are a risk of doing business internationally sometimes they win sometimes TG hey lose.

    It's unreasonable to expect a purchaser to predict changes in exchange rate.

  • Every bank has different rate for transfers and some banks have intermediary banks, so receiver can't predict how much somebody's transfer fee is going to be. That's why it's a common thing in business that all fees should be paid by sender. If sender doesn't like that than he or she should not make the payment in the first place.

  • I paid by bank transfer, though I much prefer to pay by credit card. For this company it is not possible to pay by credit card. If the problem is that their banking chanrges have been taken from the payment for my order, then they should have the charged displayed on their site. It's not about the exchange rate because that goes by the payment I made at the time of the exchange rate on 3rd Oct, so that wouldnt change as my payment went through the same day, rather than on another day. I did opt to pay all charges so didnt expect to encounter problems, as have ordered from them previously without issue, but that was when their bank was in Cyprus and not Montenegro

  • I think some of the comments in reply have been a little harsh. It is true that you may have over-reacted however so first advice might be to take a deep breath. Just for info, my bank gives me the option of SHARING transfer fees in addition to paying them all or having recipient pay them all. I suspect you have paid part of the charges and inadvertently passed on the other part to the company. So my second piece of advice might be to triple check this hadn't occurred.

  • This happened to me and I contacted my bank, they wrote giving details of payment route and charges. My bank charged over £8... disgrace, but paid on top. Then a Swiss bank charged, taken from 40 euros, then the receiving bank charged, also from the 40euros so payment ended up just over 35 euros. I am not using bank again to pay... rip off all the way.

    The company is helping us... Trading Standards? Crikey .... Really? Think about it

  • Thank you so much for sharing that. That's really helpful to know

  • eljii only your bank can tell you your fee, people you send money to don't have a clue what they are. There are millions of banks on earth, not even Stephen Hawking could be able to memorize all that.

  • You think for example if you are sending money to me in UK, I should call your bank in Finland (as I can see that you are from there) from here so that your bank can tell me how much you should pay for the fees!!!??? My god, what do I have with your bank, it's yours not mine!

  • That is in Finland and we are not talking about Finland at the moment. I work for one bank in UK and I am telling you that here every bank is different. Please don't compare something that can't be compared because this is not helping anyone.

  • As I already said, I work in a bank and I don't think that you understand how banking system works. Our customers can inquire about transfer fees, we are not giving that information to persons who are not our customers (or at least potential customers) and don't have anything with our bank.

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