Hi, I, maybe recklessly, have just made a payment to purchase some NDT online from Thailand. Another member kindly told me of some sites following the normal source sadly not being available again.

With this site, you make an order online and then they email you with how to pay. He told me that PayPal have limited his account stating that the purchase of thyroid hormones is not legal to pay through them. He suggested the company (a little shop in Kings Cross from my research - I'm not that daft!) as being quicker and cheaper, rather than using normal bank online transfer.

Any body else used them? I have to say, it was all very straightforward.



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  • Bluedragon,

    PayPal have always had in their T&Cs that buying and selling of prescription meds is not allowed. International bank transfer can be very expensive so many members pay via Western Union or Moneygram but there are other money payment services available too. Which did you use?

  • Hi Clutter - Kapook EU.

    Having a bad chocolate day here today......

  • Buedragon,

    Lol! I didn't realise Kapook EU was the name of the money payment service. I've not seen any mention of them previously on the forum.

  • Yes, they didn't come up in any search - but that doesn't always mean much on here lol.

  • Looks Ok, on the face of it. Do let us know how it pans out, Blue :-)

  • Will do!

  • I did it with bank transfer but my husband's bank charge much less than mine so he did it - think we only paid £4 for the international transfer and it was much safer than using Western Union :)

  • I always find my online bank foreign transfers really confusing. This cost me about £2.58 off the top of my head - I think the last one with my bank was £20. Fingers crossed it was worth it!

  • As an update- the money transfer went through very quickly, virtually the next day.

    The supplier, <name removed by admin> has kept me informed all the way through, told when received money, sent me a photo of my Thiroyd, the addressed envelope to me and a little pot of balm sent free as a gift. Then a further email of tracking details. Very impressed. Now just got to wait.

    So, to answer my own concern about the little Thai money transfer agency - no problems, cheap and straightforward.

  • Bluedragon please remove name of supplier as it's not permitted. Thanks.

  • It's his personal name- like saying Bob. That isn't going against guidelines, no company names are shown.

  • Bluedragon, Since it really doesn't need to be there, I have removed the name to fully comply with the guideline:

    24. Do not post advertisements, links or information of any sort whatsoever, on where or how to obtain UK prescription only medications without prescription. This includes online pharmacies who issue 'prescriptions' on the basis of the completion of a simple health questionnaire.

  • Hi Jo,

    Would you be kind enough to pm me the details of the supplier you used for the Thiroyd? And explain what all this money transfer thing is about!! Lol. I'm a bit new to all this NDT stuff and trying to find someone to guide me through it a bit!

    Thanks so much :)

  • Hi, happy for you to Pm me and we can discuss things. 🤓

  • Hi Bluedragon,

    Thankyou. I'm really grateful. I'm not sure how to do it tho?...

  • Lol. I'm busy right now but will get bk to you later this week. But you should be able to click on my name. 😁

  • Ok!! Sorry bit dizzy about these things lol

  • My NDT and free lip balm arrived today.

  • Free lip balm!!! - I'm liking this company already

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