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ED and Underactive Thyroid

Is there any connection with a under active thyroid and Erectile Disfunction. I am a male of 54 years old, I have had an under active thyroid for about 16 years now. Of about the last 8? Years my ED has been getting worse to the point now I cannot get an erection.

I am far too embarrassed to see the Doctor. Anyway othink they ain't bothered in the 5 minutes you get with them.

I am feeling so depressed in not being a complete man to the point now we're I cannot see the point in living.

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oldestnewest loads of stuff out there the bear..

and worry wont help, its not the end of the world , women have probs too. you are not alone, it can be sorted.

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Hi TheBear, welcome. I'm sorry you're experiencing such distressing symptoms. The short answer is yes, there's a known link.

Are you being treated for your hypothyroidism? How much Levothyroxine are you on? Do you happen to know exactly what your last blood test results were?

There are of course other reasons for ED. Please don't be embarrassed to see your GP - they'll see someone every day asking about the same issue. It's nothing to be embarrassed about.

Wecome to the forum, TheBear1961. You need to see your GP. There can be many medical causes of erectile dysfunction which your GP will investigate. Ask for a thyroid hormone function test as erectile dysfunction is a common symptom in hypothyroid men.

Do you suffer from hypertension ( high blood pressure)? Quite a few of the blood pressure medications can cause this too. Hope you can get it sorted soon. Clemmie

I'm sorry to hear you are struggling. Believe me I've been there. I'm going to share experience with you: BUT IT MIGHT NOT BE RELEVANT TO YOU. Having got no nowhere with my GP, I did a bit of research, and self medicated with anything which I thought might help. I have found the following to be of benefit to me:

Tribulis terristris: boosts your own testosterone production. Makes me less irritable and more good natured (partner testifies to this).

Danazol, anastrazole and letrozole: these seem to help me tolerate a higher dose to thyroxine, lessening jittery anxious feelings, make me feel physically stronger and more confident and assured. I find maximum benefit by cycling these drugs, taking them for a couple of days, taking nothing for 3 or 4 days (except daily thyroxine of course), then taking a different tablet for a couple of days. I also find it best to take one of these other tablets before going to bed: gives me a good chance of waking up in a reasonably energetic state. Letrozole seems to work best for me: sometimes it even gives me a bit of mojo in the morning, which had been a thing of the past lol.


Good luck, hang on in there friend.

Get your testosterone tested, I had same issue , hashimotos effects testosterone productioni

It can be fixed by proper medication

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