Random but any good pill cutters?

After seeing the endo, and him confirming that my extreme anxiety was probably over medication and that i was probably more sensitive to the teva brand (new formula), as my tsh only went high in october last year when started on the new teva! Iv heard a few people on here say the same!..

Anyway endo has requested lots of blood tests, including adrenals female hormones etc.. i believe my tsh is now dropping and t4 getting higher bit still not in range as my anxiety is still lingering, though dont have the tiredness people have, but i never have..

Been on the actavis now for 6 weeks and also have stopped taking the contraceptive pill as that can affect your moods too

The endo said if needed i could do 50mcg one day and 75mcg the next and vice versa as he thinks i may be sensitive to change, but as actavis only do 50mcg and upwards i would have to cut one of the 50 in half, so does anyone know if there is a reliable pill cutter to buy and whether the half would be giving me the sufficent extra 25mcg??

Please tell me your storys i love to hear everyones opinions of anything at all 😊

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This pill cutter was recommended by a member. I have since purchased it and it is really good:

Safe & Sound Pill & Tablet Cutter


I bought it for cutting up T3 pills but I couldn't get past the insomnia on T3 but that's another story.

ThyroidObsessed The pill cutter that Serendipitous has linked to is the one I use and get on very well with, it's the one I have recommended quite a few times.

I found the secret is to place the tablet into the V groove carefully and bring the blade down gently, no force needed. Blow away the pill dust every so often if doing a batch.

I got mine from my local pharmacy, but that's a good price if buying something else from Amazon so you can add it on.

This is mine and I find the blue colour makes it harder to loose:


I never got on with any pill cutters. In the end I went to Hobbycraft and bought a craft knife with spare blades. Something like this :


It takes a bit of practice but it doesn't crush tablets like the pill cutters often did. And with the spare blades, one knife will last you for years. I think I've changed the blade on mine about once a year at the most.

Think im gonna go with your idea has not having much joy with thd pill cutters πŸ˜• thanks alot for the link 😊

Yes it was the very helpful SeasideSusie that recommended the pill cutter 😊

Oh, that's good that you're getting on well with it :) . For such a small amount of money it really does the job.

A tip I've found when cutting pills - just push a short way, not all the way - you may feel a slight click.

The pill still splits and you don't get so much powder. Sometimes the pill looks as if you haven't cut it, but you'll find that it falls in 2 easily.

I like this one, expensive, but cuts a lot at once!


I have something like amazon.co.uk/Homgaty-Storag... but the pills moved as I brought down the blade so didn't cut down the groove. I found using a sharp knife worked much better.

I use the Apex Pill Splitter from Amazon. $3.98 USD. Works great. There are different techniques depending upon the pill to be cut. Coated ones I cut quickly as they sort of snap. My uncoated methylfolate tabs I need to do slowly and blow away the dust in between each cut. Overall I get a clean and concise cut each time. Don't waste money on expensive ones.

Thanks everyone for all your help and support.. i have purchased the safe and sound one from my local chemist, seems to do the trick though doesnt look like it cuts evenly?.. is there a special way to do it?

I see that you have purchased a pill cutter already, but I thought I would show you the one I use anyway. It's the best one I have used.

I have cut up UniPharma T3 into quarters, and also large vitamin c tablets, all with equally good results.

The trick with this pill cutter is that it has flexible sides to the pill tray, and the blade pushes up from the bottom of the pill cutter. Also pushing down slowly helps to keep the tablet in place. 😊


Wow that looks great i may get that one instead, as mine dont seem to cut evenly 😞

The cut isn't dead straight, but near enough. Still the best I've used! πŸ˜†

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