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endocrinologist appointment finally!

Hi all i have my endo appointment wednesday the 12th april next week finally!!!

seems like iv been on this roller coaster ride forever!

my doctor referred me after my bloods have been unstable for a while, also T4 and TSH both high at one point which she was really confused about!?

Also after feeling like i was going crazy over xmas with severe panic attacks and anxiety that is still lingering on now but has got better, i felt i was over medicated and doc reduced and then i completely stopped them and felt great!

then tsh went to over 100 and t4 and t3 levels dropped but still no hypo symptoms!

anyway i reluctantly started taking 50mcg but the actavist brand instead teva do not agree with me!

been on the 50mcg for 6 weeks nows although anxiety is underlying i do not feel any hypo symptoms what so ever so hoping the endo doesnt want to increase dose..


I also think i have hashimotos as my antibodys are high, does this make u go hyper then hypo as thats how i feel sometimes!?

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My endos have never tested adrenals but I don't think my symptoms indicated adrenal issues so why would they?

If thyroid peroxidase is over range it confirms Hashimoto's. Hashimoto's can make you swing between hyper and hypo in the early days because lymphocytes infiltrating the thyroid destroys cells which dump thyroid hormone into the blood stream. After a while, repeated attacks will atrophy the thyroid gland and hyper swings will stop as hypothyroidism increases.

There is no cure for Hashimoto's which causes 90% of hypothyroidism. Treatment is for the low thyroid levels it causes. Many people have found that 100% gluten-free diet is helpful in reducing Hashi flares, symptoms and eventually antibodies.




Hi clutter thanks for the quick reply, how do i know if im in the early days? I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid 7 years ago but was never told about the hashi and cant remember having antibodys tested... is there tests that the endo can do to see whether im i the early days of hashi?..

Sounds silly but I wish id just drop to hypo permanentely as i hate the anxiety/panic attacks if it is the hashi causing it that is..

Im thinking adrenals as i feel like i have surges through me through the day like pumped up and like a giddy stomach i hate it, what will the endo give me if im producing too much cortisol? Also is there anything i can do myself?



If you are swinging between hyper and hypo it will be early days. Sustained damage to the thyroid will atrophy it and then there won't be enough thyroid to produce sufficient hormone and you will be hypothyroid. An ultrasound scan would show how much damage the thyroid gland has sustained.

Try a gluten-free diet as I posted above.

I don't know anything about adrenals or treatment for high cortisol.


Do u think the endo will do a scan? I am presuming they will surely?... i just want answers... plus if im swinging from hyper to hypo with the hashi, how do they even know what dose of the levo to give me, am i safer staying on the 50mcg as i feel ok apart from the mild anxiety?



I think it's very unlikely the endo will order a scan. While it would show how much damage there is to the gland it won't tell you how much longer you will swing between hyper and hypo.

You will be dosed according to blood levels. If you don't want a dose increase it is your right to refuse it. Personally I would recommend accepting a dose increase if your endo advises it. If you feel over medicated on the increase you can reduce it and reinstate the dose when you feel hypo.


When I met my last but one endo he just asked me to talk and took pages of notes and at one point when I said I woundered about adrenals he filled back a few pages and said I've made a note to get tested! Test was a disaster but that's another story! He retired another my next visit so had to start again with another!


hashimotos can indeed swing violently from hyper to hypo and back again

have you tried going Gluten free as oftten that damos down antibody attacks

it is of course possible youlike my husband has Graves Hyperthyroid and Hashimotis running in tandem

lets hope the endo knows what he is talking about

make sure you actually see the senior Endo and not just an underling ....you might need to put your foot down firmly with the hospital


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