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Do I need medication?

I had primary hyperparathyroidism last year and as a result had a hemithyroidectomy when I had the parathyroid adenoma removed. I haven't been given any thyroid medication since. The blood tests I have results for are:

Sept 2016 TSH 5.05

Nov 2016 TSH 7.76 and T4 14.9

Mar 2017 TSH 6.7 and T4 13.3

I know they have done some other thyroid blood tests but those are the only ones I have the results of. I know my consultant surgeon felt I was fine as one thing was compensating for another but at the time I didn't understand enough to ask him what he meant. Any suggestions please?

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Welcome to the forum , Mcsquiggen.

Do you have the lab ref ranges for your results? These are often shown as figures in brackets after the results.


I'm sorry I can't find them. Do the normal ranges vary that much within the uk?



Yes, they vary widely across regions. TSH 6.7 will usually be over range which indicates primary hypothyroidism. Without the range I can't tell whether FT4 is low or high. I would ask your consultant or GP to prescribe Levothyroxine if you are symptomatic otherwise you can wait until TSH is >10.



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