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Got retested today and have my results here.

S -TSH3.58 mU/l0.4-4 mU/l

fT4 14 pmol/l10-25 pmol/l

Last test 7 weeks ago was (same range)

TSH 3.48

ft4 10

ft3 5 (3.5-6.5)

On January 2017

TSH 3 (0.4- 4)

Ft4 10 (10-21)

Ft4 has been 10 since last summer, this is the first time it rises since.

I am slightly less sleepy, but that could be down to 4 cups of coffee I need to drink to stay awake. I have supplemented vitamin D so that could affect feeling slightly perkier, but I have never been this cold I am feeling these days, that is getting worse and worse and my legs and hands aching a lot.

I guess all I can do is to wait and get retested two to three months from now to see what happens unless I feel suddenly turn to worse? My doctor cant trial levo unless my TSH is above 4.

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Were the tests done at the same time of day?

It's odd that TSH has gone up AND FT4 risen. One would expect TSH to drop when FT4 rises.


Yeah I always make sure I get tested between 8 to 9 am so it would be very consistent. However as time has changed test today was 9.40 am winter time compared to 8 am 7 weeks go , but that doesn't make that big difference does it? As it's still morning?

So do you think it requires further investigation why TSH didn't drop when ft4 rose? When would it make sense to retest it , if it is simple error or the sample has been mishandled then retest could be done any time I feel going back if my doctor agrees. She will also test my ft3 if my results go weird so I could ask for that as well.

I am confused as symptom wise like I said I have never felt this cold. It's +24 indoors, I went to sauna +60 and now wearing college sweater, cardigan and blanket. My hands are getting so achy it's hard to even cook. Was pain to drive 100 km this morning with achy hands and cramping achy legs. And this had worsened during past month and I am going to call my doctor anyway.



9.40 compared to 8am can make quite a difference.

No, I don't think you need to retest to see why TSH didn't drop when FT4 rose. A likely explanation is that TSH is lagging behind the improved FT4 or that higher (I know only slightly higher) TSH is stimulating better FT4.

I would have expected you to feel a little better with improved FT4 not worse.

It's a great shame your doctor is being so rigid about not prescribing until TSH is >4.0.


Excellent link! Too bad time change can make it so difficult to have consistent testing.

I feel somewhat perkier like I said but it can be vit D or because( I live in artic circle ) we have a lot of daylight now (6 am til 10pm). Otherwise I feel heavy and achy like last summer when my ft4 dropped but more heavy and achy, climbing upstairs is getting harder and harder as legs are so stiff.

Ok so I just have to wait and see what happens as I am not getting trial of levo until tsh is 4, will TSH and ft4 normalise and no reason found for drop of ft4 in the first place. My "normal" ft4 is around 18 and then it just dropped down to 10 and TSH reacted very slowly. Or will rise of TSH continue as it tries to stimulate produce more ft4.

My doctor asked me to call if I start to feel worse , will see what she has to say about me feeling more achy.

Thanks :)


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