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TSH 12.91

I have had recently tried a low carb diet for six weeks, but came off when had palpitations and felt very unwell. My TSH level is 12.91, T4 16, cholesterol 11.8, HDL cholesterol 1.99, LDL cholesterol 9.33. B12, folate and ferritin all normal. Feel very depressed and want to hide in bed all the time. GP has increased my thyroxin meds from 75 to 100.

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Do you have ranges, please?

You're obviously very under-medicated to have a TSH of 12.91. But, low carb diets can have a negative effect on conversion, so your FT3 is probably very low. Which is why you feel so depressed.

That high cholesterol also says low T3. It will go down when your T3 rises. But, cholesterol doesn't make you feel anything.

However, low nutrients will cause a lot of symptoms. There's no such thing as 'normal'. When a doctor says 'normal', he means 'in-range', which is not the same as 'optimal'. It depends where in the range the result falls - it can't all be 'normal'! So, do you have the actual numbers?


TSH was 12.91 my/L in the range 0.35-4.94, but T4 16 in the range 9-19.


Yes, but no doubt your FT3 is too low. That's why the TSH is high.


Had a thyroid lecture in January and although we were taught that there is no specific diet for thyroid - either overactive or underactive it is however, imperative for optimal health to ensure you have adequate amounts of all required macro (including carbohydrates) and micro nutrients.

As someone with type I diabetes and autoimmune thyroiditis and the associated weight gain low carb is very tempting so I tried with just a small amount at breakfast (20g of porridge) and it made me feel worse and actually gained weight.

Until blood ranges are within good ranges and you feel better I would just eat good nutritious food avoid sugar, white bread, pasta etc. and stick to wholegrains as much as possible.

Best Wishes.

(NB. People with Autoimmune thyroid disease were advised to remove gluten/dairy from their diets.)

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Well done you for trying it for six weeks. I have never been able to make it through a second day, it makes me feel almost catatonic. There are people here who say their energy is much better on a keto diet but I feel poisoned on low carb and can't get near ketosis, I think I'd be in bed for weeks. Every time I gather my resolve to give it a try I think 'how bad can it be' (I have read about low-carb flu, I know there may be a period of feeling iffy) but it is just awful and I never get past it.

I have renewed respect for those who make it through drug withdrawal, knowing there's something you can do to sort it out.


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