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anyone here on Erfa?

Given the increasing difficulties getting Thai NDT (one UK supplier going out of business after having account closed down by PayPal, problems importing it from countries outside the EU, the possibility of having other suppliers shut down as well as a result of PayPay's witch hunt), I have been considering giving Erfa another chance. My doctor prescribes it and it is available in several Belgian pharmacies. I know a lot has been said about its decreased efficacy after production was moved from Belgium to Spain a few years ago, and the STTM is adamant Erfa is no longer working. But I recently spoke to one of the pharmacies in Belgium carrying Erfa, and the pharmacist said she has not heard any complaints about it, and that they have nearly a hundred patients on it and all seem happy with it.

So I am interested in knowing if anyone else is doing fine on Erfa? Maybe you just have to make some adjustments, such as increasing the dosage, or possibly chew the pills up before swallowing? The company denies any change to the formula, which means Erfa does not contain cellulose (the main problem with thyroid drugs, it would seem, at least according to STTM). However, I have never taken NDT sublingually, I simply swallow Thai NDT (when I was on Armour, a few years ago, I chewed the pills up), so maybe it does not matter so much if the pills are chalkier than before, as long as they work.

But I'd love to find out if there are Erfa users here and, if so, you have had to take more of it after it allegedly changed? What I am interested in finding out is basically if Erfa can still be made to work?

The only other NDT available in Belgium is Armour, but it is ridiculously expensive nowadays and seems to work even less well after Actavis bought it, so I don't think that's an option. Also, Erfa is available in 500 ct bottles, which makes it a more cost-effective alternative.

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I don't think UK members are having difficulty sourcing Thyroid-S and Thiroyd directly from Thailand but a member is having trouble sourcing Erfa.


OK! I don't have any problems sourcing Erfa as it's available in some Belgian pharmacies and I have a valid prescription for it (Erfa seems to have replaced Armour altogether in Belgium). I did find out just this morning, however, that a well-known Thai supplier of NDT has been flagged by PayPal...that is how it started with other suppliers (including the UK one) subsequently forced out of business. If they are no longer able to accept credit card payments, including PayPal, those sellers have to find other payment methods. I know there are some alternatives, I just don't have any idea how convenient they are compared to PayPal or credit cards...



Western Union and MoneyGram payments can be made online.

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Thanks, that's reassuring to hear!


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