Erfa now working = problems solved?

I would like to put a question to those of you on Erfa Thyroid and doing well on it: have you noticed a difference between batches? I am currently on two different batches (both expiring soon), and both seem to work just fine. However, I am beginning to worry that this will be a never-ending story where every good batch is followed by a bad one and you never know what to least that is how the STTM presents it. However, I'd like to know if the potency of the drug seems to have stabilised since production was moved a few years back, or if these problems continue? I need a backup plan in case Erfa stops working all of a sudden...I remember reading somewhere that some batches of Erfa were no more effective than sugar pills...however, I think it's safe to say that Erfa does not contain cellulose, as the pills taste very sweet and are not the least bit chalky.


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  • Interesting question anna69 and I'd love to know the answer too because I was one of those who had such an immediate and horrible reaction to a new batch of ERFA 3 years ago that I've never trusted it since. A shame because it had been really good until then and I'd love to take it again, so I also keep checking on STTM, but it's very difficult to analyse what's being said there isn't it. I've met two other people online, one in Sweden and one in Canada, who had the same batch as me and the same reaction, but there must have been hundreds of others who didn't have any reaction to it. I also know of three other people who haven't had any problems at all with any batch of ERFA in all that time, so, if you haven't had any problems so far, perhaps you'll be ok. If you ever find out what happened to it do please let me know :)

  • I will....concerning the STTM, it's like they decided a few years back Erfa was useless and will not reconsider no matter what...but, like you, i feel it's difficult to trust the company after everything that's happened:-(

  • Hi, this rung a bell as I am a member of a STTM Facebook group in Canada and some asked a question a day or two ago about whether or not anyone had noticed a difference in the taste of their pills.

    A couple of people agreed but there didn't seem to be any outpouring re any change in effectiveness.

    There was however a discussion about large price increases due to an American supplier of base ingredients putting their prices up....

  • So, this basically means that we should not count on Erfa to least not in the long run...? I don't understand why Erfa cannot admit to any problems and just fix them...?!

    Thank you for your feedback, most helpful:-) At least, I know Thai NDT is working, probably as well (or even better) than most brand drugs...always good to know in case Erfa stops working again...sigh. Where I live, unfortunately, only Armour and Erfa are available.

  • I'm not sure that's the right conclusion - someone just raised that they thought it tasted different. To be honest I take STTM FB advice with a pinch or salt - the advice here seems a lot more balanced at times.

  • OK, thanks:-) I am going to keep taking Erfa as long as it works (and, so far, it's working very nicely). I agree with what you say about the STTM'a like an "all or nothing" approach, right...?

  • Hi Anna69 Which Thai are you taking? I took T-man and it made my thyroid swell and hurt. It also did not stop hypo symptoms for me...

  • I currently take Thyroid-S and it seems to be working very problem with Erfa and, to a lesser extent the other Thai brand, Thiroyd, was that I had constant ups and downs...with Thyroid-S, there seems to be a smoother and more consistent delivery of hormones throughout the day. It does contain a slow-release substance called Eudragit which could possibly explain this...anyway, I think I am staying with it as it's without the doubt the NDT that has worked best for me so far. I am not willing to spend that much money on prescription NDT drugs that are not working optimally (both Armour and Erfa seem problematic), especially not when Thai NDT is so much cheaper and works much better...!

  • Where do you order it from? What are the fillers? How long have you been on it? Sorry so many questions... lol

  • Hi Kiwidel, I think I found you online back in 07 when I started having problems with Armour. You helped me BIG TIME hooking me up with erfa. Did you go just by kiwi ? Anyway I also replied to a comment that I think was you on the T-man site because someone going by "kiwi" had posted how good t-man worked for them... Not for me though... So just wondering if you have any good advice for me again? Currently on Nature-throid but the last 3 bottle are not working. The change is real...

  • Hi mrmoo,

    Glad you found some good advice, but it wasn't me I'm afraid - I didnt get diagnosed or have any awareness of thyroid matters until late 2014. If you put up a new post with what you would like some advice on, then I'm sure one of the helpful souls in the forum will be able to help. Good luck!

  • Sorry, do you mean large price increases concerning Armour or Erfa...or both??? I know Armour has tripled in price in recent years, which is why alternative doctors in Belgium started to prescribe Erfa instead...

    I am currently using two different batches of Erfa (expiring in 02/17 and 04/17 respectively), and I really feel great on them...even slightly hyperthyroid compared to how I felt on the same dose of Thai NDT. However, I dread switching to a more recent batch (I also have batches expiring in 2019), only to find out they are not working...originally, I planned to finish my current batches of Erfa and then see what happens but, from what you tell me, maybe the smartest thing would be to switch to Thai NDT (whichever brand suits me best) and stick with it...I have to admit I am fed up with Erfa and all the reported problems, although the company denies them...also, I have read that it really messes your body up if you keep switching from one brand to another....

    I have come to believe that, to many patients on NDT, Thai NDT may be our best shot, unless we are in the US and a few other countries where it's fairly easy to find a doctor prescribing NDT. What worries me is that, in Belgium, where NDT is available thanks to four generations of Hertoghe doctors, only Armour and Erfa are available, and Armour seems to be on its way out...leaving us with Erfa only, unless we chose to order from Thailand:-(

  • The price increase was efra - it was confirmed by the manufacturer that it was due to supplier cost increases.

  • Ah, I see...I think that is more or less what Forest/Actavis claimed when Armour tripled in price a couple of years ago...

  • Hi Anna69, I have 2 bottles of ERFA (used to be erfa), 30mg expiring 09/2018 lot#LF05828A , and 125mg expiring 04/2017 lot#LF03727A. I have read very bad things about these batches from people complaining on STTM. Is your 04/2017 bottle the same lot#? Besides looking different from the old "erfa" these are more gritty and that classic pig stench is now more of a medicinal or chemical odor...

  • Sorry, I must have missed this post.

    I have two batches expiring in 2017; LF03727A and LF04265A, expiring 08/17. I found neither batch to work well. I have given up on Erfa (gave up on Armour a long time ago), and am going to stick to Thai NDT. It works better, at a fraction of the cost of Armour and Erfa.

    I feel no smell whatsoever when I open the bottles. I also agree the pills are gritty. Even if I chew them up, it feels like they stick to my tongue before I manage to swallow them. I cannot imagine them actually melting were I to try taking them sublingually...

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