Problems with Erfa

OK, so now I've been on Erfa since December 2013, and I have not been able to make it work. I read somewhere that the smaller pills work better for some reason, so I managed to find a pharmacy able to order 500 ct bottles for me (30 mg pills), and have been taking them since. They seem to work slightly better than the 125 mg pills, but consistency varies to say the, the STTM website claims that Erfa has been reformulated in a similar way to Armour and, as a result, is not working as well anymore.

I'd appreciate any comments on this...are there other NDT drugs that are preferable to Erfa? Thai NDT? NP Thyroid? Or synthetic combo drugs or a combination of synthetic T4 and T3? I feel I don't want to pay as much as I do for Erfa, and not get satisfactory results...truth be told, I never know what to expect from one day till the next, even though I take pills fem the same batch...

I'd appreciate any input on this.


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  • Anna - look for shaws post "problems with Erfa" from a few days a go xx

  • Erfa have stated that they haven't reformulated it but they are now admitting some problems with some of their batch/es of Erfa. See the link below:-

    I think I have had one of those bad batch/es! Lol....

  • Thanks for that link waveylines, I definitely have one of the bad batches but I bought mine last November and they're from the old factory so Dr Knafo has been telling me they're fine and only the new batches are being re-analysed. I hope they agree to replace mine with a decent batch, I hope they agree to replace everyone's with decent batches!

  • I started with my previous batch last December and went slowly downhill -now improving on the new batch that I started 5 days ago,,,,

    I am being told the same thing Framboise as you by Dr Knafo. The new batch that i am on they have confirmed has passed testing. He says:-

    "We are a GMP pharmaceutical company that works with the health authorities. We are frequently audited and discuss complains with them. Please be reassured that if something is wrong Health Canada will not let us sell our product.

    Meanwhile you should get examined by a skilled physician so he can understand why this is happening to you and investigate why your hormones levels are fluctuating."

    I have found ErfaThyroid to be a great product up to recently and it really has helped me - I find it difficult to believe that my decline, now recovering, is due to other medical reasons then the medication I am on.....hey ho....but am seeing my GP this Friday to check as he suggested,

  • Hi waveylines, are you still doing ok on the batch of ERFA which you had just started when you posted this last month? If so could you let me know the lot number and expiry date please? I've heard that 2017 expiry dates are ok but cant find any at the moment.

  • Hi Framboise,

    Sadly I am not doing well at all -have crashed and had to take time off work. Am switching brands now have had enough of Erfa -that is two batch lots that have caused nonoccurrence of hypothyroid symptoms -I don't care what they say something has waiting for my WPthyroid to come through and GP has agreed switch. However it is going to take me months to recover as i have been poorly since the beginning of the year......grrrr.....onwards and upwards.

    The 2017 batch i was told by a pharmacist at one of the central suppliers in the Uk has changed in it's formulation! The pharmacist was really clear about this but i do not know where he got his info from. We do seem to be told different things by different sources....all very odd!

  • Dr Knafo told me the same thing -that my meds were from the old factory so they were ok too......they are not suiting me and have made me really in my opinion some one somewhere is not being entirely honest. Dr Knafo has not even replied to my last three emails -am not impressed. I know he is a busy man but i have been badly affected -i was fine last year. Like you the first of the batches I started on was in November 2013.....from January onwards i have gradually been feeling more and more ill and repeatedly crashing for longer and longer periods of time.

  • Hi waveylines, Are you still using ERFA? How are you doing with it? I have had nothing but bad batches since they switched to Spain. The company is ridiculous to speak with. First they swear up an down there's absolutely NO changes. Then she tells me they listened to their customer complaints and improved the odor of the pills... Crazy!

  • Hi please see my post in the Posts section of a few days ago entitled For Those Taking ERFA, and please report the inconsistencies you've noticed to Dr Knafo at ERFA his email is I am switching to others to try out, in particular Thyroid-S and Thiroid in the hope one of these will work for me.

  • I was looking at the contents of various NDT on stopthethyroidmadness & a lot use cellulose.....doesn't agree with me. WPThroid & Erfa were the only 2 I could find who don't use cellulose as a filler....

  • Dr. Knafo has posted the following:

    Dear all,

    As you know we are currently investigating all the complaints that I received and I would like to ask for your help in order to complete the investigation.

    1. Do you have a lot number and exp date written on the bottle of Thyroid ? If so please give it to us.

    2. Can you tell us what strength(s) you bough (30, 60 or 125mg) ?

    3. Also please mention what pharmacy you bought the product from.

    Once this information is received we can go forward with the investigation. Please feel free to email me if you have other questions

    Dr Henri Knafo, MD, M.Sc, B.Sc

    Email :

  • Yeah - meanwhile Dr Knafo is no longer there... His replacement is oblivious to reason...She contradicts her own statements and doesn't even care when you point that out to her.

  • Hi Mrmoo this is an old post I'm afraid, Healthunlock never seem to take them Can you change NDT? I went across to WP Thyroid -took me three months to recover but haven't looked back since.

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