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Thyroid iodine and essential co factors

Just getting iodine is not sufficient you need the cofactors that make it work. In addition

as was pointed out earlier fluoride, chlorine and other halides can interfere with the

uptake of iodine. So best to start drinking water which filters out these and other

toxic substances. below is Dr Dean's estimate of the co factors involved:

Here is Dr. Dean’s protocol for hypothyroidism, which she writes about in her free ReMyte Book: “In my experience, most low thyroid conditions are caused by mineral deficiency. Treating with ReMyte, you have the nine minerals necessary for the creation, conversion, activation and transport of thyroid hormones: These include: iodine, selenium, zinc, molybdenum, boron, copper, chromium, manganese and magnesium.” ReMyte minerals are picometer in size and 100% absorbed at the celluar level making them an effective therapy.

here's to good health.

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I HAVE been reading a lot about this too and picked up a free book about iodine and research yesterday at local health store...and the research is astounding that most people are lowish in iodine or their diet is blocking uptake and causing a multitude of problems from thyroid to hormonal etc......it is well worth looking into and I do realize that my thyroid support supplements always add the dose of iodine as well......so then I went to amazon to google a liquid form of iodine and looked at the reviews of people trying it 90% got astounding results.....really something to think about

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