iodine and thyroid imbalances

I have been doing some research because iodine supplementation has been recommended for my daughter.

this link below has embedded links ( some annoying pop-ups too) to several independent studies about the effects of iodised salt; non-consensual population experiments anyone?

This one I found on someone's page here but I think it could do with more circulation:

Should you be taking high dose iodine supplements?

Do the research, don't be taken in by all the hype ;-)

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  • Who is recommending iodine for your daughter?

  • A Dr from the Thyroid uk list

  • Pls also see articles online by Dr Izabella Wentz who underwent her own thyroid journey and she has some interesting things to say about supplementing with idione, which in some cases can be like putting oil on fire - I was very surprised by this. Here is a link

    Warm Greetings


  • Thank you Breizh, I will read it :-)

  • the iodine crisis by lynne fallows and Iodine why you cant live without it dr Brownstein.

  • There are certain doctors that think that all you need to do for an underactive thyroid, is throw iodine at it. I fell foul of one of those idiots, and have lived to bitterly regret it. He didn't even test to see if I had Hashi's - or anything else, come to that.

    Yes, do your own research, and be aware that you can have too much of a good thing!

  • Thanks Greygoose. I am afraid this is the 2nd private opinion we have sought. It seems to me that I discover more about an option when I am checking it out, than when it is being suggested to me by someone who is supposed to be guiding me.

    We have been moving towards healing the 'Microbiome' as a solution to my daughters issues ( born by Caesarian, unable to breastfeed, SpLD and now thyroid dysfunction/early autoimmune disorder) and I am beginning to get a little irritated by these people who charge £160 an hour and set themselves up as a solution to our problems. Lets face it, the combined minds and experiences of the lovely people on this forum have far more to offer, even if some of the hype from 'outside' does creep in from time to time.

    very best regards

    Sue :-)

  • Yes, I know what you mean. I've paid double that in the past, and still been given dodgy advice. You do not get what you pay for in médicine!

  • Hi greygoose I am having a CT Tomography tomorrow to see if I have any Artery Blockage ( due to my younger brothers recent Triple Heart Bypass because of blockages, and Heart problems run in family)..

    My CT Scan is less intrusive than having the Angiogram which goes through the vein at your wrist.... what I want to know is I will be injected with a special dye - is this Iodine ? Thanks

  • Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. You will have to ask the technician who is doing it. Tell them you Don't want iodine because you're hypo.

  • Thank you sue_b, this is rather relevant right now - I'll check it out. :-)

  • Hi LindaC

    There was a reply to my earlier post about levels of radioactive iodine (that's what I was told it was) for a CAT scan and should I be concerned.

    One of our lovely admin team, Clutter, said "the trace amount of radioactive iodine injected for the CAT scan won't damage your thyroid. Quite high doses of radioactive iodine are required to ablate the thyroid gland and are delivered in a capsule, not by injection".

    This reassured me :-) Hope it helps you :-)

    very best wishes


  • Thank you so much sue_b. Hope all is well, best to you :-)

  • Silver_Fairy just commented this:

    "When I told the consultant that was doing the CT scan of my heart of my concerns re my thyroid he said that as I had active Graves it would be advisable not to have the injection.

    This has come up before and I commented then and also put a link to the information.

    I know in this case with Hashimoto it may be different but I'm a bit surprised by some of the replies on this site sometimes!"

    Brain fog creeping in :-(

    Just copying this for completeness :-)

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