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Good evening all,

I bought T3 and added it to the mix around seven weeks ago and I cannot believe the difference I ALMOST feel normal :)

However i have just got my Blue Horizon results and am a little concerned as it advises I am over medicated. (The endo told me I was risking my heart by not reducing my dose 6 months ago )

Results are as follows ;

TSH 0.01 (0.27-4.2), T3 5.7 (3.1-6.8) , T4 19.1 (12-22)

Currently taking 150mcg Levo and 12.5mcg T3

Should I decrease Levo to 125mcg ?

Many thanks


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Well your t3 is fine and your tsh is a little low, not exactly unequivocal evidence for being overmedicated. What do you want to do? If you want to keep the peace and see how you go you could try reducing your levo to 125 every other day and see if it brings your tsh up a little w/o putting your recovery at risk.

Thank you

This as you say is the dilema....I will try that 150/125 Just do not want to put my heart at risk (My aunt was overmedicated many years ago and now has a heart problem not blood related)

Like you I am mindful of the balance of it all and sometimes it is worth maintaining a relationship by agreeing to make requested changes. As long as it is framed as a trial reduction, it is a gentle change, and obvs if you suffer you can change it back I can't see the harm. It may be helpful to test the parameters a bit to see what suits you best.

On the other hand if you have already made gestures to keep the peace or if you aren't concerned about maintaining this relationship, or if your recovery feels to precious to mess about w, your t3 is not over range and you would be well within your rights to say no.

Hi Maud

I'm facing much the same dilemma as you. Started self medicating with T3. Added a quarter 25mg tab after lowering Levo from 150 to 100 or thereabouts (I was breaking up 150 tablets and taking about 3 quarters). I actually felt worse and put it down to reducing the T4 too much. I got an appointment with Dr Tofts in Edinburgh who said my top end T4 at 22 and my TSH of 0.08 was ideal. Your comment about putting heart at risk confused me. I understood that the low TSH being linked to heart problems was only relevant for 'normal' people i.e. Not those like us on T4 medication. I'm not sure high end T4 is a risk...according to Dr Tofts it's a better place to be. I'm going to add some T3 again because I'm finding I suffer badly after any sort of exercise and I'm determined to keep up my gardening, running and cycling. I will try a reduction to 125 T4 and addition of 12.5 T3 this time.

I think that a lot of my other symptoms (aches and pains) are more to do with a massive antibody count which, apart from diet there's not much I can do...being's apparently a waiting game till the body finally puts the thyroid to rest!

Do you take your body temperature and pulse rate on a regular basis? I do this now and interestingly I can't get my temperature up on the doses I'm currently taking. I assume this shows I'm not over educating, but it may also show I'm not taking enough T3 to make a difference. Is all so difficult but very instructive to learn from each other. I wish you well and I will follow your journey.

Sounds like a plan, puncturedbicycle :-)

Not overmedicated. Your TSH is low but your free t4 is withing range and so is your free t3 so I personally wouldn't be so concerned. Ffrom everything I read a surpressed and low TSH is normal when on t3.

Suppressed TSH is expected when taking T3 that is entirely normal

Good levels of T3 have been shown to improve the outcome of heart patients in hospital by a large factor.

Maud04 I don't take much notice of the comments that accompany BH test results. I had some results back yesterday with the same TSH as you, FT4 of 12.8 and FT3 of 4.59 and the comments suggested lowering my dose. Er, I think not with my FT4 only just in range and FT3 not even half way. They seem to be TSH driven like our GPs!

You know from replies to a previous post of yours that TSH is irrelevant when on thyroid meds -

And you know that your FT4 and FT3 are well within range, there's even room for FT3 to rise if you're not feeling optimal.

If you feel OK on your current dose then there is nothing to suggest you should reduce either.

Many thanks people.

You have once again put my mind at ease, just was a little surprised by Blue Horizon gave same advice as Endo.

Maud :)

Hi Maud04

That's great news that you are feeling so much better. From what I have picked up on this fine forum you are within range and therefore not over medicated. Can I ask how long it took you to feel almost normal? I am quite excited as I started to take T3 as 6.25 mcg dose yesterday so am wondering about when I might feel a bit better.

It is a small dose of T3 but hopefuly you will soon begin to feel an improvement. I found a difference with 10mcg of T3. (not perfect of course but any improvement feels good).

total crap

your results like how you feel are spot on ignore the endo they know zip

It was pleasantly surprised when my last test with medichecks they said my low ft4 normal Ft3 and suppressed TSH was a common result when taking NDT and nothing to be concerned about. Refreshing lol

That's good as I think I read a comment from them a while back that concerned me but it looks as though they have got it right now!

since i started to put up my dose of t3 from 20 mcg to 40 mcg (i am also on 50mcg oroxine) i lost 5 kg without doing anything! my appetite is not so high anymore and i dont need much of dinner. mind you, i have a sweet tooth and overeat on schocolade or cake at times! i'm sure i have candida since being a teenager.

Many thanks to all you lovely people who took time to reply to me

I think I will just stay put for the moment. I walked upstair in work for the first time in a long time without having to pull myself up using the handrail.

and as i said am starting to feel almost human, although I still find that if i push myselftoo hard I will pay for it the next day.

Warm regards


Can I ask where you bought your T3 from ?

Greece, but unfortunately it is no longer available....really not sure what I am going to do ...........hoping some one else will be selling it :(

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