results from endo

Had MRI scan on pituritary

received letter from endo

"Good news scan was fine".

nothing else despite following bloods he did.

ft4 10.7 12-22

tsh 1.35 0.27 - 420

free t3 2.8 3.1 - 6.8

i am not on any medications for thyroid. endo insists my fatigue etc is coming from adrenal fatigue and long term use of steriods. i have another appointment in 4 weeks time to see how well i am doing coming off my steriods. i can not move off sofa because of withdrawel from steriods

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  • You poor thing! Have they told you how long the withdrawal symptoms will be? X

  • Elvera,

    Both FT4 and FT3 are below range and that will be why you are fatigued too. I really can't understand why your endo isn't prescribing Levothyroxine to raise your low T4 and T3.

  • Well, we know why. The endo obviously thinks the TSH is "perfect". :(

    One can imagine an advert for an endocrinologist with the sentence "Only sadists need apply".

  • Looks like classic secondary hypothyroidism to me. You would expect an Endo to recognise this.

  • Would you?

  • Well, one who has actaully studied anything other than diabetes. Probably not secondary as MRI OK, but central.

  • Low everything suggests central hypothyroidism as pituitary MRI was OK (problem with hypothalamus). Should be on meds as FT3 and Ft4 under range.

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