Is pubic and underarm hair loss part of hypothyroidism?

I get tested every year for thyroid function and have a lot of the symptoms but the test always comes out as 'normal levels'. I have lost pretty much all of my pubic and underarm hair and what's left has turned white. I suffer from cyclical PMT which can be worse if I have had a hectic month. My mother has hypothyroidism and is on levothyroxine. I am gaining a kilo of weight every month and feel the cold easily.

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Before I was diagnosed hypo I noticed my pubic hair getting really sparse and I thought it was maybe because I had been through the menopause and part of the ageing process and commented to my daughter at least there is one good thing to getting old as I have always hated that particular part of body hair. Since been on Levothyroxine it has thickend out again much to my annoyance so I would say yes it is caused by hypothyroidism.

I do not know about the underarm hair as I always shave there I cannot say I have noticed any difference.

I know you say your test always come back as normal but what I have learned from this excellent site is that you must get the results from your G.P with the ranges then post them on here and some of the more knowledgeable will advise you. Doctors often say they are normal when in fact you could be hypo especially with your symptoms and your Mother been hypo as well. Hypo can also make PMT worse.

Hope this helps a little.

Best Wishes browny

Thank you Browny, that is really helpful. I will definitely ask for the ranges next week. I do have a helpful GP so I may finally get somewhere with understanding the symptoms. Another issue has been joint pain and cracking or snapping joints which is definitely getting worse but I just put this down to arthritis (which mum also has!) but I have now read that this can be caused by hypo. Thank you for your advice. :-)

I also have joint pain, burstitis in the hip and left shoulder pain, both a lot worse since been diagnosed


Body hair? What's that? Mine's pretty much all gone! Looks a bit weird, but saves a lot of time.

Same here - loss of pubic hair and only have to shave underarms once a week at the most. Same with legs too. Yet another bloody sign of my rubbish body. Also have small fibre neuropathy and FM. Bit of a demic really!

My leg and underarm hair stopped growing and I was told it was due to lack of testosterone caused by under active thyroid making all our body systems now work properly. Treated myself well with lies if rest and took nutriadrenal supplement and all back to normal now.

Same here I lost nearly all my body hair, but saves on wax treatment and don't need a bikini wax, not that I could wear a bikini anymore due to fatty tissue lol. Now had a TT and on T3 med instead of T4 weight is coming off but no improvement in the hair department.

Worth a mention, get your Iron levels tested, especially Ferratin levels as one of the symptoms of low Ferratin is ........ hair loss, when my daughter was tested the GP kept saying she was in range when I asked for a print off her results were 31 (29-400) I started her on Ferratin iron supplements & once her levels raised her hair stopped coming out. :)

Blood tests came back and I have a significantly low level of testosterone. This would explain the body hair loss and depression and weight gain. I'm due to see an endocrinologist next week for further assessment so fingers crossed. :-) Thank you everyone for your advice so far, it's been good to share stuff.

In response to the original post, if you're around the age of menopause, the hair loss could be due to that. If you have a family history of thyroid issues it could also be that. Frankly, you shouldn't pay too much attention to your thyroid levels. I had all the symptoms of hypothyroidism but because my levels were showing as borderline normal no one would prescribe any treatment for me. It took me 8 years but I found the right doctor and she prescribed T4. That helped a bit. Then I read "Hypothyroidism Type 2: the epidemic" got onto T3 and things truly improved:

T3 is what works for me. Life changing. The book sounds a bit whacky in parts, but there's a lot of truth beyond the zealotry.

I was starting to get worried I also have no hair on my legs for years, my underarm is slowly growing and i just have no hair down there at all. I am however taking the meds for my thyroid so all of you have helped greatly. thank you.

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