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hi I have been diagnosed with overactive thyroid just over a week ago. I'm on carbimazole 5mg 3x a day. i had overactive thyroid 15 years ago had tablets and after 2 years was ok again. now my confusion is how I can be overweight (and no matter what I dI'd like gym diet detox etc) i cudnt lose a pound. I thought when ur thyroid is overactive u suppose to be skinny and not being able to put on weight. anybody can help me understand this plz

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  • Welcome to the forum, Danii_em.

    Most hyperthyroid patients lose weight before diagnosis and most hypothyroid patients gain weight but for a significant minority it is the other way around. We have quite a few hyperthyroid patients who have gained weight and I'm one of a number of hypothyroid patients who have unwanted weight loss.

  • Hi Danii and Clutter, your so right about that, Ive had hypothyroidism for about 10 years now and last year fought terrible just to gain some weight, thankfully Im at a fairly good weight at mo but its a constant battle.

  • thank you for very quick reply I'm already 2 stones over my normal weight and really don't want to put on even more but I suppose I can not pick and choose whatever my body decides that's how it's gonna be

  • Hi. I too was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and graves back in 2013. At my worst I did lose a bit of weight. Though I was still slightly overweight and was never able to lose weight easily Came off the medication last August and within 4 1/2 months had put on over 20 lbs. Have struggled since with it and today going to start to diet.

    I was so hoping being overactive would have made me the size I wanted but alas like some of us here it has done the opposite.

    This thyroid journey is not easy or straightforward but hope you find a way

  • I'm having a US on 6th to check if my cysts got bigger or stayed the same. i also been treated with iodine in the past. now I'm older I'm starting to realise how much impact thyroid actually have

  • F Y I there is an alternative to Carbi, which they never offer as it is more expensive and I believe you aren't supposed to be on it for all that long (you can go on taking Carbi for years, if you aren't one who suffers from its logged side effects).

    The alternative is propylthiouracil. Because it is almost impossible to say it has an acronym, by which it is usually known, which I thought was PPL - but I got no intyweb hits using that. Mebbe it's PPC - but again no hits. Help, please, more knowledgeable folks?

  • PTU?

  • bit of an update went to see my gp as I developed extreme anger throat pain falling asleep everywhere while on carbimazole so he told me to stop it till I see endo in hospital. but I cudnt wait and went privately. I received advice that if I was under her treatment she wud do radioiodine therapy instead of more pills. my only concern is that I already had it done 17 years ago and problem came bk bigger and worse. my latest us states 2 cm nodule on left side plus lots of new smaller ones glands moving when swallowing and are enlarged and something else but I didn't understand that one. on the US when I was looking at the screen there was lots of red colour and some blue. I don't know what that means but I can assume it's hot and cold. would iodine help me for good this time ? plz help as if I'm having the same endo like I did 3 years ago then hes not helpful at all I wud say more dismissing then anything. :(

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