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Hi, I am feeling a little scared ! Just been reading some of these posts and really wished I hadn't. I have been told that I am overactive and waiting for my appointment with the endo, hope there is some light at the end of the tunnel for us all who are suffering with this condition. Not sure what tests I should be asking for ? And what has brought this on.Any advice would be appreciated. X

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  • Hi Mandyb1973

    Don't be scared as this is a great forum and people are very helpful and knowledgable and will share their experiences etc.. I'm new since October and it's been a lifesaver!! Hugs xxx

  • No one seems to understand they say oh I wish I had that! That's why your slim, thanks for the reply just need to get on the right tract and see the specialist. Xx

  • If you have any questions or concerns just post them on the forum and you will get support and help. Try not to worry there are lots of books and information in the Thyroid UK HOMEPAGE AND people who can advise you about vitamins. I feel a difference after 7 weeks and trying to get all my vitamins up to scratch. I'm hypo so don't have issues being slim!! Take care and keep posting xxx

  • Hi me again what vitamins should I get ? X

  • Mandyb1973 I'm underactive so not much help to you, but if you look to the right you will see 'Topics' in alphabetical order, click on 'Hyperthytoidism' and you can read through some posts which might help :)

  • Thanks I will x

  • The main question, as I see it, is : on what basis did they diagnose you as hyper? Do you have a copy of the test results? If not, ask for a print-out. If you live in the UK, it's your legal right to have a copy.

    You need to know, did they test the FT3, or just the TSH? There seem to have been a spate, lately, of doctors just testing TSH, which turns out to be low, so on that basis they diagnose hyper, and start antithyroid drugs. But, when the Frees are finally tested, they turn out to be low, too. So, it wasn't hyperthyroidism at all.

    Next off, did they test any antibodies? Did they test for Graves? Or even for Hashi's? With both, you could appear to be hypothyroid, but if it was Hashi's, it wouldn't be true hyperthyroidism. A lot of people have been caught that way, too. So, those are the first questions you should be asking. :)

  • Hi thanks for your advice. I haven't a copy of the results but I will ask for one. I know I had a T3 and T4 test which the doctor said one came back very high. I have a swollen goiter and been getting very breathless when I walk up hills. Having hand shakes and feeling hot with sweting. Thanks again for advice x

  • It will get better but it is a long process. I got my diagnosis 6 months ago. To start off i was very tired and my skin was very itchy. I lost a lot of weight which i have now put back as i am on steroid infusion for TEDs . Try and remain positive as worries only make it worse.

  • Hi I been for my bloods today and asked for a copy of my blood tests. TSH comes back as 13.6 and T3 is 28.5, antibody level is 231 does that mean anything to you. Thanks M

  • Ummm... Not a lot, no. Your TSH says hypo. But what's the range for the T3? And is it Free T3 or Total T3? Which antibodies were tested?

  • Hi, well let's see TSH receptor antibodies 13.6 iu/L.

    Thyroid peroxidase anti body level 28.5 ou/ml.

    Serum free T3 level high-has appt 28.5 pmol/L.

    Thyroid fuction test JKD hyperthyroid.

    Serum free T4 level 52.7 pmol/L.

    Is that better x

  • No, you still haven't given me the ranges. We always, always need the ranges for everything, because they vary from lab to lab. The numbers on their own mean nothing. They're the numbers in brackets, after the results.

    Having said that, the Frees do look very high. Which is odd with a TSH of 13.6! That could be due to antibodies, but I think you really ought to start a new post, giving your results, with the ranges, to see what everyone else thinks. Because hardly anybody is going to read this thread, now, it's too far down the list. :(

  • Ok great thank you 👍🏼

  • :)

  • Mandy dont fill your head with worry we are all very different each person .You could well be one of those people who respond very quickly to medication and all will be back to normal .Please read about vitamin d its very good for thyroid and regarding other vitamins maybe you could treat yourself to a juicer and start juicing for nutrition with carrots apples pears are great for hormone balance then add cucumber and mango try and avoid cruciferous veg like cabbage and brocoli if you have a goiter.

    Build your immune

  • Aww that's great thanks I will try and start eating fruit and veg it's not normally in my diet so that might be the problem lol x

  • Hello Mandy, I was also diagnosed with hyperthyroidism on 2007 and had the same symptoms you described but no goiter. My condition is due to graves disease and I was successfully treated with block and replace treatment. This is usually what they prescribe first for graves. I felt better quickly once the treatment started and then it was quite a bumpy road until my thyroid levels finally stabilised and they were able to withdraw the medication in 2010 (carbimazole to block the natural thyroid hormones production and levo thyroxine to replace so to be always in the right range).I still have active antibodies but my throat function has been normal for over 6 years now. Your condition might be triggered by something completely different so I'm sure your endo will be able to advise you well. Try not to worry too much and find relaxation techniques as anxiety /stress only aggravate symptoms. If you you have any questions on my experience with Graves, don't hesitate to contact me. I hope you get better soon

  • Meant thyroid function above, not throat...

  • Hi been back to the doctor today and got a copy of my blood tests TSH was 13.6.

    T3 28.5 and thyroid Antibodies 231.

    T4 52.7

  • Do you have the ranges the bits in brackets next to the results? Just different labs have different ranges x

  • Oh yes TSH 13.6 IU/L. T3 28.5 Pmol/L.

    T4 52.7 pmol/L antibodies 231 ou/ml.

  • I have some general nhs ranges do you think they would be the same or do they differ from each nhs lab?

  • Oh I'm not sure I'm new to all this. 😊

  • May be worth asking for the results with ranges from your doctor but if they are the same as mine that were done recently at the hospital. The t3 went up to 6 and they classed mine as high at 7.2 so yours would be really high. Your tsh is high also. And you also have high antibodies which would suggest you are hashi's. When you find out the results with ranges post again and people will help x

  • I have just posted a copy of my results on here x

  • Having seen the results you posted, your TSH is actually 0.01. It's your TSH Receptor antibodies that's 13.6.

    Your TSH Receptor result indicates that the cause of your hyperthyroidism is Graves' disease which is an autoimmune condition.

    You will be put on anti-thyroid medication (Carbimazole) for a period of time and you will start feeling better as soon as your T4/T3 levels are back in range. You will need to be patient, but things do improve.

  • Many people see a reduction in antibodies when they go gluten free, so this is worth a try. Wean off gradually over a couple of weeks so it isn't a shock to the system. Replace fibre with lots of veggies. Cutting down on grains and sugar may also help reduce inflammation.

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