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Will my hair grow back

first I lost my right eyebrow then the tight side then the patch in middle of forehead and now the right hand side . I cant bear to look in amirror now and my self awareness is so low that I stay in my room all the time.. Will my hair ever come back

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I hope so RachelAnn,

My friend's hair has grown back to normal after a year or so on levo, & I now have some lower eyelashes.

Try to make sure your nutrients are right, & you're looking after yourself as well as you can.

I hope your GP is being supportive?



Hi rachelann077,

I feel for you Darling, I know this probably won't make it any easier, but unfortunately a lot of members here have been through the same problem with either hair loss or hair texture change.

It's part and parcel of Thyroid Disease. But in saying that, our Ferritin, Vit B12, Folate and Vit D need to be optimal in range for our cells to renew and regenerate.

I had nice eyebrows at one time. Now I am down to a third of the original length . I have had Semi- Permanent eyebrows drawn on very successfully several years ago.

Again, my hair has gone to a stage that is very upsetting. So what can I do about it?

There is so much help here and Thank God with guidance I can see I am starting to see the fruits of my labour. I supplement with a good B complex, and Biotin.

I had Helicobactor, which I feel inhibited my absorption of the nutrients in my food.

You will get your Crowning glory back through time and with reading all you can on TUK about hair problems.

Take care

J 👍


I'm pleased for you. I completely understand how low you felt as did I until yesterday when I got in a taxi (wait n return of course) and went and purchased a wig. the shop mainly deal with afro carrabean however they were so nice n I left the shop wearing my new hair n feeling a million dollars. however please tell me how to get T3 . good luck n I hope u continue to feel happy again xx


hi cinnamonbun.. am glad to hear your hair is growing again, must be a great feeling... i too am contemplating self medicating on T3, i am on levothyroxine atm and its making my hair fall out and i feel so bad on it, tho my bloods are 'normal'... did you keep taking the levothyroxine when you began the T3, or did you faze it out? xx


Do try WonderBrow - it is magical for people like us!


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