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Thyroid ultrasound

Hi everyone was just putting this out there to see if anyone had experienced anything similar....recently diagnosed with hashimotos disease....extremely symptomatic but gp and endo won't entertain me until my t4 drops one more number....anyhoo i have horrific symptoms and for the most part am housebound with their severity, over the last few months i have this horrible sensation in my throat and a nasty tightness/lump feeling when swallowing it is very uncomfortable i have no goitre but do have little noduley bumps, like a string of beads on my left side where my thyroid is, i have raised this with my gp twice now and they have told me over the phone that it can't have anything to do with my thyroid or the hashis, i am 99% sure that it is exactly that! I asked about a thyroid ultra sound and was bluntly reminded i have no visable goitre and asked how many tests i felt i required....feeling a bit deflated surely its common sense to check it out? Anyone on here had similar? TIA


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That's terrible. I don't mean this to sound like it does. But how do they know it's not something else without doing an ultra sound. Have they done your antibodies. Can you change doctors? Have you posted your results on here. I told my gp my neck was sore. I was already diagnosed hashimotos from antibodies test but coz new symptom of soreness tingling round throat then gp ordered an ultra sound.

It showed shrunken thyroid and giraffe like marking of hashimotos.

Is that why they won't do it though becoz I think it's true that there is no need if u ok and already have a diagnosis.

If you still want uss I would ask what happens if they miss something sinister by not doing the ultra sound. See what they say then. I am sure you are ok but it will put your mind at rest.if you get one as it did me

Hope I have not got wrong end of stick. Sorry if I have


Hi poppppy thats exactly what i said to my gp, i have had horrible symptoms for 6years and my thyroid has been struggleing and dropping gradually and is now sitting at the bottom number...i had to threaten them with going private to get hem to even check my anti bodies...i had a feeling i had hashimotos and i was right, i am also coeliacs and have low vit b12...vit d defiecency and am anemic they put everything down to this when i ask about my is a really strange sensation and hard i guess to describe over the phone but it is extremely frustrating when they play it off without even seeing you, it is bad enough struggleing with the symptoms without being made to fee like a hypochondriac aswell, i think i will be calling her back and standing my is terrible how they treat people with thyroid/autoimmune issues!



Hi Gemstone, I would recommend improving your low B12, anaemia and vitamin D because with low ferritin we can't use the thyroxine properly (or are you already doing this and I've missed it?). Others on here more knowledgeable than I could help more, if you post again about these, Marz for instance is very helful with D and B12.


Hi thyr01d yes this is something i have been trying to tackle for sometime now, years, i am on a relatively high dose of vit d along with magnesium & k2, i also supplement b12 and am on iron supplements from the gp to try and push me in range, i will likely be on and off some forever and on others all the time as they have said i have malabsorbtion which they put down to the coeliacs i seem to bottom out again relatively quickly when i stop supplements X


Hi it doesn't surprise me I had a private blood test for another condition & antibodies was tested & came back positive as hashimotos but I was told nothing to worry about it just meant one day I might develop hypothyroidism! When I kept questioning it a consultant I was seeing at the time got angry with me & said there is nothing wrong with your thyroid & put the phone down on me as my blood results were "normal". 8 months later with the feeling of lump in throat, hoarse voice and trouble speaking I noticed a lump when I swallowed. Recently had the nodule removed & it was 7cm x 3cm x 3cm!!! But of course there was nothing wrong with my thyroid!!! I feel like writing a letter to that stupid idiot! Although I know it's difficult dealing with these so called professionals I would push for a scan. I have another smaller nodule on the other side of my thyroid but I am going to get scans done privately now for peace of mind as they still won't give me medication as my bloods are still "normal" despite symptoms so I'm not going to sit back & wait for that to grow too! Hope you have better luck.


Hi Gstclair i can sympathise with you i know how frustrating it is trying to argue your case and getting pretty much nowhere, as far as i am led to believe hashimotos is autoimmune disease so it can have horrific symptoms on its own, i recently read the root cause which i found really interesting in regards to my hashis, trying to explain to any medical professional that even if the results are in range you still feel really ill can be extremely frustrating! I would definately write that letter, maybe it will open their eyes to their rubbish treatment, i hope you feel better soon X


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