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Thyroid Scan Request Rejected

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I’ve been having problems swallowing for the last few months, feels like food just gets stuck, I don’t choke but it’s uncomfortable and starting to happen more often even with soft food like bread and ice cream.

Whenever I’m under the weather it seems to go straight to my throat, making it sore and my voice hoarse and more often losing it altogether.

I see a private endocrinologist who thinks I may have central hypothyroidism but I’ve never had a thyroid scan. So along with my recent swallowing problems he asked my GP to request a thyroid scan, which they did, but the radiologist at the local hospital have rejected the request.

I now need to make an appointment to see the GP. It seems that I need to have an obvious lump or goitre to have an ultrasound of my thyroid. I can’t see anything obvious, so I thought I’d ask if anyone else had a similar problem and what was the outcome?

Thanks for your help.

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We only scan when we know we'll find something?

Goes along with only testing for Covid-19 when someone has Covid-19.

How on earth can the radiologist dismiss the possibility of a lump, or just that the enlargement of the thyroid, could be going inwards?

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ShonaGreen in reply to helvella

helvella thats what I’m thinking too, how can they have the power to just make that decision when both the endocrinologist and GP have requested it?

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Private ultrasound scan costs around £150

I have info on 3 different London ultrasound scan companies

I would find out why they have told your doctor this because they have not even examined you to see if your thyroid is enlarged.

Lora7again the radiologists said they need evidence of a growth in order to do a scan. So even if the GP says that I have one, apparently when I arrive for the scan they can still refuse to do it if they feel I don’t need it. I find it so frustrating that anything thyroid related is such a battle, have to pay to see an endocrinologist, for a private prescription for T3, for private blood tests, etc. Rant over, things could be a lot worse!

I have never had that problem and I don't have a growth on my thyroid. I have a multinodular goiter which is not that noticeable but does cause symptoms. I have had 3 ultrasounds in the last 10 years.

This doesn't sound right. Although, when I had a ultrasound it was for and obvious swelling, I also had an ENT referral for swallowing issues. I had naso camera to check the throat. Perhaps the GP can refer on this basis to at least investigate what is causing compressive feeling?

PurpleNails yes I’m hoping the GP will be helpful and have some other ideas. Think I’m just feeling more fed up than usual as having a spell of bad migraines and everything just feels like hard work at the moment, but maybe my GP will restore my faith 😀

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T34ME in reply to ShonaGreen

Ask your GP if you can see an ear nose throat doctor & you can get scoped, a camera on a tube down your throat, through the nose, unpleasant but maybe helpful in your case. ❤️

I have that feeling swallowing and had an urgent scan. How can they refuse? How many people have they refused? Are they accountable if something is wrong? Can you escalate ?

MichelleHarris maybe the GP will do that, but based on experience I think I’ll be told just to see how it goes. What happened with your scan? Is all OK?

It showed I had damage caused by a Sjogrens flare which I didnt know I had. I’ve been taking LDN and it definitely stops that awful swollen feeling in my throat x

MichelleHarris sorry to hear that. Glad that the medication is working.

I have that issue, and had a barium swallow test about 4 years ago which showed a slight problem, a tilt in the swallowing mechanism I think, but I was left having no idea what causes it. I've also got MS, am recently on b12 injections and have a condition very similar to Classical EDS so it could be any of those.

I'm also waiting for further testing for suspected central hypothyroidism....

Does anyone know if a barium swallow test shows up a thyroid issue?

Thenightowl thats interesting as I’ve recently been diagnosed with POTS after a positive tilt table test but haven’t been able to have a lot of the other associated tests due to Covid. I know that EDS and POTS are closely linked, there a chance I have EDS too as I’m very flexible and daughter is hyper mobile. Maybe there’s a connection with all this and swallowing problems too?

Hi, I've just sent you a private message as have gone off topic

Chiari malformation was mentioned when I saw the EDS specialist, I was asked if I've ever had any investigations for it, which I hadn't. It is sometimes found in people with Hypermobility, and I've just read about the link to thyroid issues... My headaches are getting worse.

Here's more info:

This is so common now with the nhs. I actually think they are told to reject anything that isn't looking like death nowadays. Its all part of the Conservative government agenda. Email or call the complaints team for the healthboard and let them know.

And there's pretty huge gaps in knowledge too.

Unbelievable.... I suffered this exact thing for years always told nothing is wrong your a worry wart .... “HA” finally had thyroid scan and I had thyroid cancer , Im not saying you have TC but trouble swallowing is not normal and should be investigated not ignored. I can’t believe other medical depts can over rule your doctors orders.. just wrong!

I’ve just seen the GP and they’ve done the 2 week wait referral to ENT based on my swallowing problems, hoarse voice and smoking history. I used to be a big smoker, did it for 20 hours, stopped 8 years ago, didn’t even think about it until the GP mentioned it as a factor to consider. She said that just want to rule things out, and will do a thyroid scan next if need too. So we’ll see what happens next, at least they’re listening to me which makes a nice change 👍

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to ShonaGreen

Hashimoto’s frequently starts or gets significantly worse after quitting smoking

Did you get private ultrasound scan of thyroid yet?

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