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I have been trying to have a second child for over a year now. Have had usual fertility tests and everything is fine, partner fine too. I have been feeling low, exhausted, little bit of weight gain and noticed a goitre over past 6 months or so. Didn't put it all together until a couple of months ago and went to my GP. TSH 5.8, T4 12.4 and ultrasound showed a definite thyroiditis. GP wouldn't test for antibodies or do any follow up for at least 3-6 months. Given my symptoms and the fact that I am planning pregnancy and I think it could be damaging to a foetus and/or is making me infertile...Any advice? Anyone been through similar? Thanks

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Personally I would wait until the thyroid situation is sorted out. Conceiving will likely be difficult while your TSH is that high (below 2 is usually recommended for conception).

The reason your GP is waiting to test again is that thyroiditis can be temporary. If the next test (which can be done 3 months after the last one) still shows a TSH that is slightly elevated then your doctor should begin treatment with thyroxine. It will take a few weeks after starting treatment to start feeling better but hopefully then you will be able to conceive.

Someone else may have further information to add to what I have said or be able to share their experiences.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.

Wishing you all the very best and hopefully we'll hear the patter of tiny feet in the near future :)

Pink x


Thank you 🙂


HI there. I've not had the experience but hopefully you have now got a root cause to the fertility troubles and can move forward.

I'm guessing you haven't been diagnosed or treated for thyroid conditions before? To me thyroiditis means hashimitos. Is this what you understand too?

Practical tips are to cut gluten and dairy if you can as many people say that dampens symptoms.

Stress is a major contributor. Apart from fertility which of course canbe a huge stressor, is there anything else in life that isn't working for you? Eg jobs, toxic relationships, sleep, housing finance and on.

There's a huge amount to say really.

Working holistically on nutrition and lifestyle and appropriate supplement can help.

Can you afford to access an integrative doctor or naturopath or health coach etc? They work more holistically than a regular doc. Also look out for natural fertility specialists in your area sometimes they use acupuncture too which seems to help a lot of people.

Take care and go well.



Thanks for your reply, I agree completely and am very open to a holistic approach. I have a really healthy lifestyle, good work/life balance, exercise and eat well. I don't know yet if it's hashimitos as haven't had antibodies tested but hopefully that's the next step, have decided to see an endo privately. Thank you for your advice.

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When you are ready for making baby, you might like this. You can also search the authors name and find heaps of information. Also hypothyroidmum might be a good site for you. X

Gah I have been healthy always as well yet it still creeps up on us 😯 take care I hope you find all your solutions x


Hi - your doctor should refer you to an endo immediately if you are trying to conceive according to the NICE guidelines or at least start you off with 50mcg of levothyroxine for 6-8 weeks, then test your blood and probably increase to 75mcg of levothyroxine, and test again.

I agree don't try and get pregnant until you have your thyroid problem sorted as you run a real risk of sadly lose the baby if you do manage to get pregnant - or else the baby could have some problems.

But don't worry - you should be able to sort all this out. My endo told me that his patients often get pregnant as soon as their thyroid medications is right.

Best of luck!

p.s. If you hang around on this site you will notice references to T3 - don't try that if you are trying to get pregnant - stick to the T4 (levothyroxine).


Yes I read the guidelines and couldn't understand why my doc wouldn't refer me or treat me given that I'm already symptomatic, have a goitre and am trying to conceive. GP also didn't tell me not to try to conceive despite the risks (and I have a history of miscarriages)

I'm going to see an endo privately to try and get this resolved quicker. But all of the advice here has been so helpful and I think we'll put our plans to get pregnant on hold until I get things stabilised.

Thanks x

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