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New to all of this - Goitre - advise please?

Hi, I'm Charlotte and I have a goitre, sounds like an AA meeting but jokes aside I need some advise.

I have this big fat goitre on my neck. Went to the docs and was given an urgent blood test and they've put me in for an urgent ultrasound.

Bloods came back today and I feel that it was all very brushed over. When I saw the doctor I told her that I have these symtoms also:

cant sleep

always tired, literally now (midday) I'm done

Needing to pee lots more than usual

itchy/irritable eye

crazy bursts of excitement


mood swings/mega emotional

The doctor I spoke to on the phone in regards to my results said that my thyroid function was normal but I have peroxidase antibodies that are attacking my thyroid and so i have autoimmune thyroiditis. He said sometimes this will just clear up on it's own -sometimes?

I rung back to get my levels as I have a couple of friends who said to get this and these were:

TSH - 1.78

Abs - 61

Didn't show a T4 or T3 was taken.

I feel a bit deflated - not that I want anything wrong with me but once this massive thing came up on my throat and then when I spoke to the doc and I mentioned all these symptoms I felt like finally I shouldn't have just been thinking it was normal to live with those and that there would be a reason for it all but now I don't know what to do/think.

Advise please - sorry for lengthy post!


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The doctor on the phone was either lying, or is ignorant. It never goes away on its own. Antibodies fluctuate, but never completely go away. Once you've got it, Hashi's is for life.

But, although your doctor won't do anything - and they really won't until your TSH is over-range - you can do a couple of things for yourself.

You can adopt a 100% gluten-free diet. This often lowers antibodies - which can cause symptoms themselves - and makes people feel a lot better. And, you can take selenium - which could also lower antibodies, and help with conversion.

But, don't give up on your thyroid. Go back from time to time to get it tested again - no point in retesting antibodies, but do try and get the FT4 and FT3 tested. In time, your TSH will no doubt rise, and they will be obliged to treat you with thyroid hormone replacement. :)

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You have no idea how good it is to hear that and to feel that I'm not being a hypercondriac! Balls - no gluten ey...ok, will look into this and the selenium. Thank you! Agh this limbo is horrible!xx


No, you're not a hypocondriac. Doctors only call people that when they don't know what's wrong with them - if you feel ill, there's a reason, and just because doctors can't find the reason (and they often can't) doesn't mean it doesn't exist! You can quote that to your doctor if he calls you a hypocondriac, or anything else that suggests your problems are your own fault. :)

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Thanks. No he didn't call me that but made me feel like this was nothing and it will go away and I'll still be left with all these symptoms unexplained x


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