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Should I take 25g Thyroxine?

Hi I've had some very odd symptoms since January including dizziness, hair loss, irregular periods, outrageous fatigue, panic attacks, contipastion and wind. Had lots of tests and everything looks great except Iooks like I have vestibular migraines and I have boarderline TSH, very low Vit D and slightly raised prolactin and igf1 (results below)

TSH 4.32, Vit D low, Prolactin 635 mu/l and IgF1 of 34.9 nmol/l.

I am been sent to an consultant to consider hypothyroid and possible pituitary issues (reckons MRI needed).

The GP today has given me 25mg dose of Thyroxine- I'm in two minds as to whether I should use it before seeing the consultant. Also can't a good diet help me with such boarderline results?

Do any of you have experience that might help me?

Many thanks

P.S underactive thyroid runs in the family

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I understand where you are coming from. I asked GP for Ultrasound scan of my Thyroid. The morning after the scan he gave me Levothyroxine 50mcg & urgent referal to Endocrinologist. I decided to wait till I'd seen Endo as I wanted all the tests first. He did the tests, then called me when results in to say OK to start my Levo.

But your situation is different so I couldn't advise you either way.

Would you consider phoning the consultant's secretary and asking for a brief telephone conversation with the Consultant? If he/she's happy to call back - two questions I think I would ask would be : Should I delay commencing the 25mcg Thyroxine until after I've seen you? AND - How soon will I be seen and/or have the MRI? I would also mention the raised prolactin result.

My Endo posted form for full Thyroid blood tests to be taken shortly before my first appointment.

Your GP also mentioned possible Pituitary issue and MRI scan so I'm thinking he/she will have made urgent referal.

To help with the constipation and wind I drank more water. Gave up caffeine (I drink decaf tea & decaf coffee). If you really don't like drinking water then you could try weak squash and weak decaf tea. No fizzy drinks. I also started doing pelvic floor exercises which I found on Internet which help. You might consider fybogel sachets and Lactulose medicine. I also would sometimes suck Mints made with real peppermint oil such as Fox's Glacier Mints and certain Mint Imperials.

You could try sipping warm water with a little bicarbonate of soda when wind is troublesome. I was immobilised with trapped wind once the bicarb helped. As long as you only use it occassionally.

Building up slowly to high fibre diet is best, avoiding veg such as sprouts, cauliflower & cabbage for the time being. Lots of water and fruit. I eat potatoes rather than bread.

I'm so sorry to hear of all your symptoms. You have been through such an awful lot these last three months. It seems now though, that you are on the right road to getting a diagnosis.

Let's hope in the next few weeks you will be seen, your further investigations commenced, and have the treatment you need.

Thinking of you





Hi Liz, here is something (short video) about prolactin and it's effect on thyroid.

Your TSH seems more than borderline high since anything over 2 means a problem.

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I don't believe in borderline you either are or not. Try it your hormones will reset to what they were if you decide to stop taking it, it will improve your mental health problems.


Thank you so, so much for responses. I really appreciate it Liz


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