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Advice on hashimotos swings?

Hi everyone,

I recently after 6 years of fighting for tests and answers found out i have hashimotos, antibodies came back positive,

My tsh is still in range although climing at every retest and my t4 is sitting at the bottom number of inrange, t4 has fell steadily over the last 3 years....i have extreme symptoms...and am really sturggleing at present with little to no help from my gp or endo....they are reluctant to acknowledge anything or discuss treatment until i fall that 1 number,

Does anyone else have any advice or experience on what i can only describe as hashimotos swings? I can go from one extreme to the other scary quick, sitting breathless and sleeping for hours freezing with extreme nausea one minute to horrible tachycardia....body shakes and migraines the next, i have tried to explain this to the docters as i have 2 young children i have to be able to take care off...feeling like a prisoner in my home for the last 4 years with this and it is getting so much worse recently, i am also coeliacs so avoid all gluten....anaemic and on supplements for this and vit d defiecency along with b12 which was on the low side, any experience or advice would be greatly appreciated, feel like i am losing my mind! My gp had suggested a small dose of levo but my endo shut that idea down straight away as he said it would make my symptoms ten times worse with how wildly i seem to swing from one extreme to the other....exhausted doesn't cover it, TIA x

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Dr Toft ex President of the British Thyroid Association has stated that if antibodies are present, the person should be prescribed levothyroxine. If you email and ask for a copy of the Pulse Online article and highlight the part about antibodies plus dose and send to the GP and highlight the para.

Also going gluten-free can help reduce the antibodies attacking your gland and you will eventually become hypothyroid.

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Thanks shaws, i will do that, i have coeliacs so have been gluten free for years, i'm not 100% sure if the fact that i had an arrythmia (which i had ablated years ago) when i was young has put my gp off the levo, she did blame the endo, i will do as you have suggested and hope that it gets me further forward x


Hi Gemstone88

I see your post is 9mths old, however, thought you would find this interesting given you have low Vit D.


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