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Attended my Gp for years with all the symptoms of hypothyroid but of course tsh fell within normal range so i was dismissed. Talking to a friend she recommended an endo who I visited Aprivately, he was wonderful. He said he treats symptoms not blood results anyway he started me off on 50mg T4 which did nothing, he upped it to 75mg T4 again nothing. He added in 20mg T3 and instantly I started to feel better.

I asked could he transfer me to his NHS list as I was stabilised which he did, so im not seeing him until Jan. Anyway over the last few weeks I had started to feel rubbish again(all hypo symptoms returning) so I upped my T3 to 30mg and I have to say I am starting to improve, energy returning, memory better etc.

My Gp who is annoyed that I went over his head requested bloods and he has phoned me to say I'm toxic which I have no idea what he means. As I am not seeing endo until Jan I was hoping you guys can shed some light on results. All I know is that I feel good , I do know not to take too much as I have experienced hyper symptoms not nice!!! I have dropped my T4 to 50mg and I am concerned my endo will be peeved at my self medicating.

Tsh <0.02

T4 17

T3 10.1

I do experience the odd heart palpatation but other than that Im good. I have loads of energy, my hair and nails are improving, my voice is not longer husky and crackly, I'm losing weight after 4 years of constant diets, my memory and concentration are sharper and I finally feel human. My endo said its likely I have hashimotos and I also have ms.


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First question: Any chance of reference ranges for those results?

Second question: Had you taken your meds on the day of the test?


Yes I had taken them around 8am and bloods done at 12 noon.

tsh 0.02 (0.3-4.2)

T4 16.2 (10.6-23.2)

T3 10.1 (3.1-6.8)


Debmin, You should leave 24 hours for T4 and 12 hours for T3 between last dose and blood draw otherwise it skews the results by measuring the peak levels of the recently ingested dose.

Nevertheless your FT3 is considerably over range so you should certainly cut back to 20mcg T3 and perhaps remain on 50mcg T4. Will your GP retest a week or two prior to your endo consulation?


On the other hand, if you're feeling good, stay as you are. Some people need their T3 over-range to feel good.


Next time, don't take your bloods before your test!

T3 is fast acting, so it is entirely possible that your T3 is above range because of the dose you had taken that morning and that if you had not taken it, your T3 level would have been less of a concern to your doctor.

If you know what it feels like to be hyper and you are not feeling that way now, in fact you're feeling good, I would be inclined to think that this T3 result is a false high caused by taking your meds before your test and therefore nothing to worry about.

Does your GP realised that you can expect a suppressed TSH in anyone taking T3? it's surprising how many of them don't!

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Your blood tests are obviously skewed because you took medication 4 hours before your blood tests. I woudn't adjust till you get another blood test, leaving 24 hours between medication and blood test.

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I agree that as your appointment is so close to stick with what the Endo has said. He seems approachable in any case so in sure discussing your feelings will be productive. As everyone else as said your dose on the day of your bloods will have affected the reliability of the results. When my old GP commented about my results I just used to say that Dr Skinner advises me on that as you know so I shall let him know my readings and of your concern. Again you are so close to seeing your Endo and the fact that your bloods were taken that morning should be more than enough to placate your GP and gives a good reason just to repeat your bloods before your Endo visit.


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