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I've been hypothyroid for over 40 years. I was diagnosed with Hasimotos and given radioactive iodine to kill part of my thyroid so it would level out the symptoms. With that being said, about 10 years ago I was put on Cytomel and my levothyroxine was slightly decreased. I had never felt better in my life! My high blood pressure, tachycardia, and anxieties were all gone. Since then I had surgery on my gallbladder and I went severely hyperthyroid, so they yanked me off all of my thyroid meds. We then got my TSH back on track and has been stable for over 5 years but my high blood pressure, tachycardia, and anxieties are back. I had one Endo put me on 5mg of Cytomel and then 10mg and he said it wasn't helping and I didn't need it. Needless to say I was taking 25mg when I was taken off of it. No other MD that I see is willing to put me back on the Cytomel. I'm frustrated and miserable because I'm painful all over too! Is there any where that I can get Cytomel or a supplement to try to see if it will control my symptoms? I'm getting desperate and would like to try something with my MD monitoring my labs.

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I am sorry, but I don't know what to tell you. :( I am experiencing some of the same symptoms you are having now. I am on blood pressure medication and also have tachycardia and some of my anxiety is back, among other things. I have been hypothyroid since 2000 after radioactive iodine treatment for severe Graves disease in my early 20s. I am on alternate 100/75mcg levothyroxine and 20mcg liothyronine daily. Even here in the UK, it seems like they are discouraging prescribing T3.

I really hate endos who think they know better, which how the endo you saw sounded like.

I don't think we're allowed to post links as to where to get Cytomel elsewhere, but through private message only...?

Have you been tested for vitamin and mineral deficiencies?


I have a source. You can email me at


All the sources I have read say that RAI will kill ALL of the thyroid eventually, not just part of it. If a smaller quantity is given it may just take a longer time for the inevitable to happen. I got a large dose and the residual bits from the total thyroidectomy were killed off almost overnight.


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