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Brain fog hypo hashi

i read a lot about brain fog, can anyone please explain a bit more about this, how long it lasts, does it happen at particular times?

What does it actually feel like?

I have suffered with it for weeks for me it happens particularly at work after busy periods, I eat well, lots of water but late morning I become forgetful, very very tired snappy.... I love my job and it's busy but that was never an issue before I became hypo and was treated with thyroxine. Current Tsh 8.8

Thank you

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Hi Richard

I have Graves' disease ... HYPERthyroud although in remission at moment

I seriously thought I must be going insane with brain fog I could not think or speak properly

i told my doctor ....

I could see a cat and try to say to you .... oh ! That's a nice .........

and would not be able to say the word CAT !!

The word would just not come into my brain and allow me to say it !! Oh my God ... it was awful sometimes all day I would be like this !!

My speech became slow and I was aware that I was always trying in advance , to find the next word I wanted to say ...

It was only one of the awful symptoms of my illness ..

But once I'd started on Carbimazole to lower the Antibodies ... it started to fade away ... thank god !🙏

I believe HYPO and HYPER both suffer this horrible symptom ..

It will go away with your proper treatment ... good luck to you

Luv mx🌹


Requires medication to be well balanced.

Memory fog can occur at any time though I believe increases under pressure.

Do not stress about it, others will understand.

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I have a theory, I've noticed it with me and a bunch of people around me when it comes to brain fog and work.

When life gets busy or hectic, the brain can become overloaded, if you have too many things on your mind you're burning the candle at both ends and it takes a toll on your memory.

When I'm very busy and stressed my memory basically ceases to exist, I will literally forget my own age, or basic things that I obviously know on a normal day. Once I can relax again my memory comes back (although compared to most people my normal memory is pretty bad). So regularly I have some brain fog, by stress and work will amplify my bad memory x1000.

So I can tell you that no matter how bad your memory is, work etc will make it worse and you need to take time to relax, breathe, meditate. I now take breaks in the middle of work where I do something else, like play an instrument or play a game, something that completely takes my mind off work. I find this helps my memory a lot.


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