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Brain Fog

Hi All

Getting worried about Brain Fog

Had a near miss driving home from a movie last night with the family, didn't notice or I didn't register a taxi coming up on my inside before pulling out of a parking spot (even though my wife apparently saw it clear as day)

Not the first time this has happened

I take 100 mg of levo but early in the morning (sometimes 02:00) when I wake up to go to the bathroom

I have the levo out and on the bedside locker and take it before going back to sleep

Should I take it later in the day

Does it affect the brain-fog

I have trouble remembering tasks that I completed a few days ago, trouble organising my thoughts, no motivation

Sometimes feels to me like I have early onset Alzheimers

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When you posted before Shaws suggested you might want to consider sourcing some liothyronine:

From what you say, I think that perhaps should be something to consider. And have you ever had your B12 levels measured?


Hi Jazzw

Thanks for your reply

Had my B12 tested last about 10 months ago, they were mid-range ish - Vitamin B12 587 pg/ml Lab Ranges 200 - 950

I just started (3 days ago) taking a B12, B6 and Iron supplement

As for the Liothyronine, unless I can source it over the counter or online I wont be able to convince my doctor to prescribe it as she says that my results are normal

How often should I get my bloods done


What are your results, Will?


I too had near miss in car not sure if I nodded off briefly or what as couldnt remember, it was my poor parents that we're in the car at the time that pulled me up on it. At the time I was on 100mg thyroxine and it was 8weeks after my total thyroidectomy. Because of this though at my second post op appt I was increased to 125mg despite them telling me my results were normal. I did ask what they were but was told forcibly that they were NORMAL. I'd like them to suffer problems we have. Anyway since then I've upped myself to 150 as 125 didn't make much difference. I now feel more on an even keel and happier to drive again. Try to get an endo appt and tell them how serious your symptoms are. I hope you can get help, best wishes.


Hi mrsm49

Did upping the Levo help with your brain-fog?

Some people have recommended using T3 with T4 medication


Hi willAyl, once on 150mg brain fog mostly gone and I can think clearly, still hve some foggy moments but am back doing crosswords/sudoku again and better at work too. It was crazy before as when I was inputting figures onto computer, I'd look down at numbers but when I looked up at screen had already forgotten them. I will give endo a battle if they try and reduce tablets, I'm expecting it as GP already angry but let me stay on higher dose til I see consultant. I'll wish us both luck!


Thanks mrsm49

Wish you luck too


Hi Greygoose

My results in December last were as follows, the lab in Dubai didn't check ferritin, B12 etc

TSH - 0.006 Units (uIU/mL) Range 0.270 - 4.20

Thyroxine Free FT4 - 1.91 Units (ng/dl) Range 0.93-1.7

Tri-Iodothyronine-Free (FT3) - 0.356 Units (ng/dL) Range 0.202 - 0.443


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