Hyperthyroidism in men

Hi folks

Well for once this question is not about me but my partner, i know we cannot blame everything on the Thyroid but!!!!! he has been so very ill with the flu that was 2 months ago, for the last 4 weeks he has been experiencing night sweats that totally soak the bed, this is causing him to not sleep, he is very agitated and seems to be suffering with acute anxiety as well. If he holds his hands out they have a slight tremor, plus weight loss in total over 4 weeks about 7/8 pounds.

He went to A&E last week as he felt so ill had chest pains ( what a bloody pair we are!) they did various blood tests not thyroid though! all came back okay.

Tomorrow he is at the Docs for his vits and mineral results, i told him to ask for a Thyroid test is it possible he could be Hyper i know like i said you cant blame all on Thyroid but am getting worried about him, he is generally a fit bloke who is 62 this year.

Thanks for your help

Dotti x

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  • I have a hunch, and it's no more than that, men are being under-diagnosed with thyroid disorders, perhaps because the medical profession regards it as a 'women's disease'. It's likely to show up more often in middle-aged and older men. My own husband (mid fifties) has found out he has hypothyroidism through private testing at our own initiative, and we are treating it ourselves. His GP doesn't want to know, even though his health has been failing for a few years.

    Dr Peatfield says that male partners of women with thyroid problems are likely to have similar troubles, his reason being that incompatible metabolisms would result in incompatible couples, whose relationship would not survive. He's only half joking!

  • Aagh! Sorry, just noticed the 'hyper' in your post title. Still, the principle applies, I think.

  • Could be that his B12 is below 500 along with low Ferritin - Folate and VitD

    It could be Hashimotos which can swing from Hyper to Hypo.

    My hubby was diagnosed at 73 having added the TSH test to his PSA check myself 😊

  • Thanks Marz he gets his results tomorrow one of which is B12


  • Sounds very much like graves hyperthyroid

    It can be triggered by a nasty virus

    My husbands blew after flu and pleurisy

  • Thank you so much at the docs today with my partner and will certainly mention this


  • Sorry I just completely read your post wrong. It could be the flu that has made his body really ill and it's still not right. It can take months to get over it but it may have effected his antibodies so worth getting them and a general thyroid check done. My son and myself were ill for literally weeks and weeks after the flu vaccine, so the real flu is going to be so much worse. But if you get the flu with an underlying medical condition such as thyroid disorder it's a hell of a lot worse and much harder to get over. I had it whilst pregnant with my son and was shaking from head to toe and totally out of it for weeks, sweating also. My husband should have got me to hospital but didn't. I don't remember much just similar to what you describe with your husband. I found out I was hypo after him. Hope you get it sorted.

  • Thanks Katiekatie


  • Hi Dotti, I have pm'd you. Please get in touch.

    Jo xx

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