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I am in a very bad way, have had osteoporotic compression spinal fracture, in hosp 6 weeks. Hosp mucking about with levo. 50 mcg one day 75 next. i feel really bad. doc wont do 3t test as cannot prescribe even if needed as too expensive.

If I do private tests including t1 t2 reverse etc. in view of above scenario will i be wasting my money. and where can i go from here if tests were to show a real problem?

Running out of docs changed 4 times they are all the same.,

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That sounds frightening. I hope you will be home soon.

50/75mcg alternate days isn't mucking about it is a way of delivering 62.5mcg daily which doesn't exist as a dose in the UK.

If a private thyroid test showed you had low FT3 your doctor can increase Levothyroxine dose to increase FT4 and FT3. If you would prefer to add Liothyronine (T3) and your doctors won't prescribe it you can buy online without prescription and self medicate.


Thank you Clutter, am actually at home now, I said mucking about because my GP had already reduced my dose to 75 mcg daily, hosp wouldn't explain why they altered it.

I m a bit scared of self medicating with T3 am 79 with 22 yrs RA ,fibro bronchiectasis and others.



Probably best to have the blood tests first and see whether your T3 is low. As I said raising Levothyroxine dose will raise FT4 and FT3 but, if your doctor thinks you need T3 but won't prescribe it because of the expense, you could ask whether GP will monitor you if you buy your own T3.


thanks for that Clutter, good idea.


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