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Cause of graves?

Can anyone pinpoint or believe they can think of factors that contributed to the onset of graves?

For me I was diagnosed as bipolar about 5 years ago now and had my thyroid checked regular. Once I started taking the medication for my illness my health went down hill and part of me blames the meds. I could be clutching at straws but I'm curious what do you think of it all? Do you think it's just getting older? Or do you think certain factors such as medication ect could be a big contribution?

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Some bipolar meds are known to induce hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism but they don't induce the autoimmune versions ie Graves and Hashimoto's.

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miss_graves-uk I really feel that antibiotics for endless bouts of Tonsillitis are to blame for my Graves and my first pregnancy was the straw that broke the Camel's back.


I have graves and I am convinced after being diagnosed with lots of allergies that my immune system just went haywire due to the constant exposure to the things that I now know that I am allergic to . I may be wrong but who knows .


I blamed taking the contraceptive pill in 1965 when it first came onto the market, three months later I became ill but my Doctor said it was not the pill. Eight months after that and much suffering a Consultant took me straight off it. How young and naïve I was in those days, paid for it ever since.


I had alopecia universallis when I was a child. Had bread cancer, chemo, surgery, radiotherapy, hormone treatment and hercaptin. Have had 4 tears of rubbish then graves disease. Who knows....


Each person who has replied has suffered lots of stress. I believe that this is the most contributing factor in developing auto immune disease. If you go back 5 years from diagnosis you will be surprised perhaps to doscover what was going on at this time. Mine goes all the way back to childhood.


Really sorry you are suffering like this. Just a word to the wise, if you are taking lithium that can also induce primary hyperparathyroidism. Don't want to worry you but best you know if you have been on it for a while and maybe ask to have a calcium and parathyroid blood test done.


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