Propananol & Carbizmazol

Might be silly question but here goes i went to the dentist for check up Monday this week and had to have filling i filled in health questionnaire with the above tablets on so when i had filling it was more painful that usual. Dentist ask are you ok after and i told her, she said it was because of the anastetic was adrenaline free because of the tablets Im taking and does not work as well as the ususal one. Now Im a bit worried as I have to have extraction on Monday. Can anyone help and advise me on this. Thanks

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  • Just ask for a bit more if the first lot isn't effective enough.

  • Hi yes I have the adrenaline free jabs purely having once got horrendous palpitations with the other type not due to any meds. but dentist said if it happens it's most usually when working on lower jaw cos it can go straight into main neck vein that blood goes through heart.passes quite quickly but scary! Adrenaline free isn't quite so effective but it can be topped up during the process at the first sign of any twinge or pain best to get them to put a bit more in.

  • If we are hypothyroid I do know they should use an adrenaline-free anaesthetic otherwise we can have bad reactions which I have experienced. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

  • Hi shaws have been hypothyroid for years and never had adrenaline-free local anaesthetic ! That probably means my dentist doesn't know I should be given adrenaline -free jab.....and that in itself is worrying. Last time I had work done at dentist I went all hot and didn't feel right. What was your experience if you don't mind me asking ?

  • I felt very unwell and heart raced. It took more than several days before I felt better.

    I don't think many dentists are aware. I have never been asked if I was hypothyroid by one. I do tell them now I cannot and have to have Citanest/Octapressin - even before he injects as I have bad reaction.

  • Thank you shaws - my dentist has known, for all the years I have been his patient , that I have Hashimotos. Rather worrying that he appears not to know about my not to be given the adrenaline local anaesthetic. I will be informing him!

  • They may not be aware as it took me absolutely ages to find a solution. One dentist told me it was 'all in my mind' and he didn't realise how very, very unwell I felt after an injection. Even in the Dental Hospital a trainee gave me the ordinary one and it affected me badly again that's when the Consultant told me not to forget and I haven't. I just assumed they read the notes.

    Considering that doctors don't know any clinical symptoms of hypo, it may be dentists aren't aware of dental anaesthetics affecting patients.

    If you've had injections in the past when hypo and didn't have a reaction you may be o.k.

  • Hi again shaws . Yes I had been given the "normal" adrenaline one for years....with no ill effect ( other than hating needles/ injections). It was about a couple of months ago that I went all hot and didn't feel right.....feeling didn't last long. I am wondering if I am more sensitive to it now since starting to have these ectopic beats.

  • If you had that reaction, you don't want it again so your guess could be right so do ask for the alternative :)

  • Shaws that's news to me to I must

    Check that my dentist is aware of that glad I seen this post.

  • I had big problems before the Dental Hospital told me that I had to remember - and it is Citanest/Octapressin and even before he injects I double-check.

    p.s. it never happened before I was hypo.

  • I just had major tooth surgery. They know to not use the adrenaline version on me so just used Carbocaine. it wore off after six hours and I never even took an aspirin for the pain. I did have 12 stitches to deal with but it was fine. just insist on the no adrenaline version. Its not a fun reaction .

  • I had same problem 4 weeks ago. I had a tooth removed but was quite concerned as I had to make a point of asking for adrenaline free. They had to order it in as they didnt have any. I was told that they usually kept it for pregnant women. I am undiagnosed by doc but have low t4 and low t3 and I know I react badly to any form of adrenaline rush natural or otherwise. I was actually glad I insisted on the adrenaline free as it was over quickly and the freezing was gone in less than 4 hours and I was so surprised I was practically pain free afterwards without the constriction of the blood vessels. I had to be topped up a few times but it was much better without the feel of utter panic. Also be aware that they use ethenol hydrochloride. My dentist used it on me to test my tooth to see if I could feel cold. As soon as it touched my mouth I felt the rush and it wasnt pleasant. This happened as I have the same bad reaction to alcohol it causes a horrible adrenalin rush that I would rather avoid. Xx

  • Just a thought, how many people are at risk out there if they are undiagnosed like myself? Especially if with a TSH under 10 we are being told we are normal? I was lucky, I knew to ask as I cant stand the adrenaline rush but I got some funny looks and was told it was ok if anything went wrong the doctors surgery was across the road! It was only after I googled it I discovered it was yet another symptom of hypothyroidism. X

  • I had no idea - either about being hypo or taking propranolol. Never thought to mention it to the dentist, and when you first go they ask what you're taking but they don't ask again do they? So I had two huge injections, presumably adrenaline, and was ill for a week after. Though I didn't feel a thing at the time! As I still have two more fillings to do this is a bit of a worry, but clearly not as bad as having a tooth removed. How long would you have to stop taking the beta blockers for before treatment to be able to have the adrenaline injections?

  • Your dentist should review your meds every check up appt, in our surgery and when I was working as a dental nurse the patient had to check their med history form then make any changes, sign and date. It's vital the surgery have full up to date medical history.

  • Hi bantam12 - my dentist always takes an up to date medical/ medication history. However it would appear he does not know that adrenaline local anaesthetic is not to be given to us hypo patients.......a bit worrying. 😀

  • I used to get a horrible reaction to the adrenaline and also to ventolin and caffeine. Since I have been hypothyroid the reaction has faded. When my thyroid medication is at the point where the quack thinks I'm overmedicated the reaction, normal for me, returns.

  • This has been a very informative post for me. I have had to see a new dentist and have had two crowns involving root canal work, plus three fillings. This has all taken place since November, and has involved antibiotics after two of the treatments. I had a very odd reaction to the local anaesthetic on my second root canal. Pain went into my ear and down my neck, and the numbness lasted about six hours. I felt quite unwell for some time. I never knew there was an issue about using adrenaline injections.

  • Thanks for all the replies it has been really helpful and informative as I didnt know there was two sorts of anastetic but my Dentist was very good and they get you to check your health questionnaire every time you go for any changes

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