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Hi all went to sisters for four days still with pain under left rib was told to carry on with tablets Omeprazole at docs had to take them for four weeks otherwise didnt meet criteria for camera down throat. I had to stop taking tablets as they were making me feel so ill felt ok until monday at 7am when i had terrible dioherra that finished then i started being sick went back to bed got up again at 12 felt weak but no more sick and dioherra,ate a biscuit and drank water was ok. Fast forward to 10pm monday night had terrible stabbing pains in my back were so bad never had pain like it was sick again.My daughter called paramedics she was lovely did all my vital signs all was ok took painkillers she waited to see if they worked she thinks i have Hiatus Hernia or an ulcer back at home now feel so weak have to go docs but my legs wont let me. So fed up with it all it seems as if im never going to feel normal.Actually dont know what normal is anymore

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It could be a hiatus hernia. i was very worried about pain under my ribs a few years ago and bad back pain.The camera down my throat revealed the hiatus hernia. I would press to have that procedure done-you don't feel anything-because you need to get the correct diagnosis.I have also had problems with Omeprazole and Rnitidine-they don't make you feel too good. I hope you get to feel better soon. xx


Hi janjan thanks for reply am going docters tomorrow have been like this for weeks now feel sick all the time and frightened to eat.Need to know whats going on i have been to docters three times now will let you know what happens x


Hi, we need acid in our bellys to digest food, ant acids supress acid, therfore will cause other issues. However I have had this and have had many test and was scared to eat because I got more symptoms, do you belch? I was diagnosed with inflamation of the ribs, you could possibly have gerd, google it, causes pain in upper back and under ribs, eating drinking and breathing makes it worse.

hope this helps, please get some other form of vitamins and nutrients as with me eating little resulted in weight loss and other co factors.let me know what doc said??? be interesting. x


Hi I also was diagnosed with hiatus hernia, but felt it was gall bladder. Felt sick all the time and severe pain like childbirth, I had to do the breathing exercise, for birth. Pain under ribs near heart so then they thought heart attack. I asked and asked was it gall bladder, no was the ans.

I got rushed in and out of hospital, and yes it was gall bladder stones, had removed, still problems, but different pain from op.

I too and still get diahorrea from blue dump, its unpredictable.

I didn't want to frighten you, but as your looking for ans it could be this. All the best x


I forgot to say pain used to be felt through to my back to shoulder blade.


Has anyone mentioned pancreatitis? You haven't recently been put on statins as they are known for that.

There is also the gall bladder which often acts like that if you are ingesting something very fatty. Pain is up between the shoulder blades.


Hi Pain where you describe is normally Diverticula disease, little pouches which food gets stuck in. High fibre diet important. From time to time it can flare up, called then Diverticulitis, if severe, temp, dhiarroea etc then iv antibiotics. However, unusual a managable condition. I have had it 40 years. it is normally diagnosed by a colonoscopy, not a gastroscopy ( which does not reach that far), . Pain there can be the more unusual pancreatitis, very severe agonising pain, screaming pain, much worse than child birth at its worst. This is found by a special gastroscopy, with photos and always done by a radiologist, large hospital. However, it certainly does not sound like that.Really I would suggest a gastroscopy and a colonoscopy, very simple procedures, heavy sedation.

I hope that helps.



Hi there,

I have had pain under my left rib for years and it constant now, my doc sent me for an ultrasound but they said doc had put a cross on the right side looking for gall stones they said they couldn't really see anything under the left rib with ultrasound. I went back to doc he said it is a floating rib but it still really worries me.




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