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Low TSH - but Dr increasing Levo?

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I've just got my recent blood tests back - without T3 andT4 even though the doctor did assure me that they would be tested! My TSH is 0.02, range 0.30-6.00. I expected this, as I take thyroid s (without the doctors knowledge). What I didn't expect is for the doctor to want to increase Levo. I expected him to reduce the Levo that he is prescribing! What will his rationale for this be, do you think?

My Vit D is down from 135 a year ago, to 82.

Serum HDL cholesterol level is under range. What causes this?

As far as I can see everything else looks ok.

Thanks for all your help, folks. I still read every day, even when I am not posting. xx

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Did you question the increase at the appointment?

If you've had low free T4 and/or free T3 with low TSH in previous tests, maybe your doctor thinks the TSH test isn't suitable for your case, but then one would expect fT4 and fT3 to be done. I've been told that fT4 is included when TSH is below 1.0 and, from experience, fT3 is done when TSH is suppressed (before treatment has started, at least), and repeated if over-range.

Here's a list of causes of low HDL: emedicine.medscape.com/arti...

Take care!

No - I haven't had the appointment with the doctor yet - only a letter. I got a print out of the results and it does not include T3 or T4. That's why I don't understand an increase with the low TSH. I was expecting him to want to reduce the prescription - not increase it. Perhaps it will become clear when I see him on wednesday. I was just hoping to have some information before the appointment. Thanks, anyhow. xx

Forgot to say - previous test showed both t4 and t3 at near top of range. x

I asked about questioning your doctor, because even they can make mistakes, sometimes tragically. My doc brushed aside low TSH and lowish free T4, but I hope my questions will have prompted some research by the time of my next visit...

Were you out of Vit D supplements and then told to stop when it reached a good level? If so you should have been told to take a maintenance dose to keep it there.

No. I've been taking a maintenance dose of 2500 most days, but it has still decreased. xxx

That sounds good as a maintenance dose but often we need to eliminate things so was worth an ask! Hope you soon find the problem.

I also have low TSH 0.16 range (0.35-5.50) with no T3 and free T4 at 17.4 range (10.0-19.8)

My doctor is having a thyroid test done next week to test TSH, T3 and T4 to see if there is any change prior to prescribing meds. Good luck.

He might actually have a clue and be looking at low Ft4 or actually know that bad cholesterol results (low HDL is bad) can be caused by hypo.

Oh yes. Well I'll try to be hopeful. Maybe that's it. Hopefully it will become clear on wednesday. xx

TSH means nothing at low levels if your doc insists on dosing you according to the TSH then change your doctor!

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