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Increasing levo!!

Apologises for the late at night post. Not sleeping as usual!

My gp has increased my levo to 175mcg and will check in 8 weeks what difference this has made. I finally got the gp to say the dreaded T3 and to acknowledge it exists but that was it. A small step forward for once

My question to the wonderful ladies and gentlemen of the forum is........ will increasing levo increase my T3 levels???

Will one increasing push the other one up.

I await your advice with anticipation

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Yes, T4 converts into T3 which means the more T4 you have, the more you have available to make into more T3.

However, some people have issues converting and still have low levels of T3 but you would need to test T3 along with T4 and tsh to see if this is the case. Most GPs wont test your t3 levels so if your symptoms don't improve on the higher dose, you may need to pay for your own via medichecks or blue horizon :-)


Only if you convert T4 to T3 adequately. Lots of us don't which is why adding T3 or switching to NDT is imperative.

What were your last bloods? Can you post?


My last set via medichecks are...

TSH 9.28 miu/l. 0.27 - 4.2

Free thyroxine 15.3 pmol/l. 12.0 - 22.00

Free T3. 3.6 pmol/l. 3.1 - 6.8

All my other tests for B12 etc came back fine

Was on 150mcg levothyroxine. Have been increased to 175mcg as of yesterday

Any thoughts greatly appreciated


Will be interesting to see if the increase makes you feel better. You definitely need it. If you don't feel any better then I'd say you weren't converting adequately and would need to add T3 or change to NDT (Natural Dessicated Thyroid)

Just because the Dr said your B12 etc came back fine I wouldn't believe that! They will say levels are ok as the NHS doesn't want the cost of supplementing thousands of us.

B12 needs to be 600+ under 500 and you can start to see neurological changes. The Japanese start to supplement at 500!

Vitamin D 60ish

Ferritin 70 at least but mid wY in ranges.

Folate mid range.


Check out


Check out


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