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Best literature to send GP?

Just had telephone call from GP for blood test results that endo requested.

He had no idea whatsoever about conversions from T4 to T3 or any idea of TSH or Hashimotos.

Said if I look back to medical school I think there was one or two weeks on the thyroid!!

Still he said (after I lectured him for 5 mins) that he would make a note to learn more!

Thought I'd send him some literature, what's the best anyone has found that won't frighten him off??!!

Results TSH 0.1

T4 7

T3 4.2

Obviously no ranges given!

I'm on Thyroid S 180mg

I know that taking T3 suppresses T4 but would it be worth adding a bit of Levo too? All results are on the low side.

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Please tell your doctor to become a member of this forum, and he would have an abundance of knowledge within a couple of weeks. :)

Your T3 looks reasonable but without ranges it's difficult to be accuratee. We need it towrds the top. I cannot comment on T4.


Yes I did tell him about the forum! 😀

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On second thoughts :) he may not find many complimentary remarks about the medical professionals way of diagnosing and treating us which may be a good thing.


Yes they really need to know! He really had NO IDEA how bad we feel and all the problems we face.

He's not actually my Dr but I thought I'd get some info together and go and see him. Strike while the iron is hot!



Didn't your GP have the ranges? Just wondering how GP can interpret results without the ranges and how you know results are low without them.

I would increase NDT dose to raise FT3 if you are sure that 4.2 is low. If FT3 is good it doesn't matter that FT4 is low.


Mmmm... The lab tells them whether the result is in range or not?


He didn't have a clue Clutter. Next time I'm passing I'll pick up a copy and look for myself! Yes I thought the T4 didn't matter as suppressed when taking NDT I gather.


A 6 month rotational GP I saw years ago, when I was under medicated!, took a big interest in a book I took with me, Why Am I So Tired?: Is your thyroid making you ill? Paperback – 20 Mar 2000 by Martin, N.D., D.O. Budd (Author) and said he would get and study it. He was the only GP who told me the dose he wanted me on, T4 175mcg, with an option to increase to 200 or more. Why are they so very few and far between? I thought the medical profession was vocation. How can the complacency of such a gaping hole in knowledge be acceptable in the training process and qualified autonomous practice I will never know.


No it's really shocking with something as important as the thyroid and everything else that's tied up with it.

Beggars belief!

I shall take him a book or two.

Somewhere there was a great paper posted on here, I know I saved it somewhere...


On the positive side he admitted ignorance and was interested in finding out which was not the case with my GP who had no interest in any research Papers.


Do you have research paper links? I'm making an appointment and taking him info haha

He'll wish he hadn't filled in for the telephone appointment.

I'm hoping to mould him 😀


Sorry ,hopeless at tech .just what I have printed from this site over two years.Suggest you go to Thyroid UK site which has good information .


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