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hormones off! High cortisol, testosterone and low estrogen

Hormones - I am a mess and the doctors don't have answers. My cortisol is high 22.5, sex hormone 142, FSH 116 and estrogen low 39 on blood work. I had a hysterectomy and cannot take estrogen. Saliva test says I am off the chart on testosterone, but my Endo doesn't read saliva tests. I cannot sleep and have lost weight. How do I balance?

I also have had high alkaline phos for a year. help!

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Are you going through the menopause? Or are you perimenopausal? Did any of your first degree female relatives reach the menopausal within 5 years of your age?

This questions are rhetorical as in the fact I don't expect you to answer them on here. However the reason I'm mentioning this is normally hysterectomies are only performed on women in their 40s because doctors have this prejudice that women any younger will still want children even if they have had 5+ already, and women in their 50s will soon hit the menopause anyway so why bother.


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